Saturday, September 11, 2010

Look where I went today!

I have been hanging out to go here and I wasn't dissappointed ! I even managed to feed my shoe fettish! Thanks Simone, It was so nice to meet you ( again! ) and your sister also. Congrats on a shop that is just plain gorgeous and I cant wait to re visit. Can you believe that ? I just got home!

Oh and P.S
If you are going, there are no road signs to Bulimba !
Follow signs to Hawthorne.
Or you know what else you could do ?
Take the GPS that your hubby got for Fathers Day but wanted to wait to install until he had read the instructions ( which BTW we know that will never hapen!) That way you could go straight there, instead of leaving Hamilton at 2.15 pm and arriving at Bulimba at 3.45pm.

Here is a link to this Just Plain Gorgeous Shop click here

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Linda said...

OK that is just pathetic...not that you got lost, not that you feed your shoe passion, no what is pathetic is that you have been to Simones shop and you live a million miles away and I am still yet to go and visit and I only half a million miles away...I am pathetic...and a wee bit jealous!
Must go soon, glad you finally got there and had a lovely time!
Kiss Noises Linda