Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Craft Re-Stash and The Handmade Expo

We at The Handmade Expo were thinking of something really productive to do to help likeminded people in our specific field, we thought of how devistating it must be for someone who lost their stash in the recent floods, after years of collecting bits and pieces........
Bring on the Craft Re- Stash !
Between Liesa at Handmade Heaven, The Handmade Expo market this Saturday and myself at mimmis, we will all act as collection points, then after the market have the donations available for collection for anyone who lost stuff in the recent floods.

My good friends over at Brisstyle have come on board too to help spread the word and support this effort to re-stash the community. Thanks girls for your support.

So please pop along to the market on Saturday with your donations to help heal the devastation in a small way.
Good excuse for a clean up people !

Thanks for your support. Please share this info in any way you can.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Facebook !

Have you been to check out mimmis at Forest Hill ?

Thats my bricks and mortar shop !

I have just put up an album of some stock available, but I also have old furniture for sale. Some pieces have been restored, some au naturale, some shabbied up a bit.

I also have vintage collectables like, salt and pepper shakers, plates, teapots, vintage linens, doilies, tablecloths, aprons and fabrics!

It"s also the place to purchase all the bubbachenille range !

Mimmis doesn't have a blog or website and, but mimmis is on facebook!