Sunday, August 30, 2009

Great Pictures of Vintage Chenille

Kelly took these great photos at the Laidley market last friday ! I have never had my things photographed in such a lovely way !
Thanks Kelly !

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Starting New and Fresh

Am I the only one who feels like blog land is a bit quiet at the moment? Sometimes you feel like everyone is posting something everyday or more than once a day, giveaways, new ideas, cooking, shopping etc, etc, so much happening you know, but right now it seems very, very quiet...Do y'all know something I dont know?

Having nearly finished unpacking all the boxes and having been sewing all week, I felt the urge today to snap some pics, but first I need to introduce you to my new helper, Please meet Kelly everyone..

Kelly we might need to send you over to Liesas to have some lessons on how not to be camera shy. We have had one sewing session so far and all went well, Now we are off to a market in the morning and then some more sewing in the afternoon. The little town I have moved to has a market in the street every Friday morning until about 1 pm. I have no idea how it will be, there are a lot of people who make Friday their "day" to come to town so we'll have to wait and see, fingers crossed.

Here's some new things I have been working on..

Some new funky colours in Vintage Chenille Burpers....

Playing around with some new bathmat designs, using, you guessed it, Vintage Chenille.
Are we loving my new backdrop for the outdoor shots ? I'd be loving it if the water wasn't so cold !

Keep handmaking gals !

Sunday, August 23, 2009

bubbachenille,back in the land of the living !

Which actually doesnt mean I was dead ! just not blogging for what seems like eternity. I did manage to sneak a few minutes here and there on Liesas computer and catch up really quickly on any excitement that I may have been missing!!!!!

Now although I'm not quite unpacked and ready to start blogging really, really properly, there are a few things I must say :)

The Handmade Expo at our new location was a hoot, It was so nice to meet Jay and her family and there were so many positive comments about our new venue, we know we have done the right thing by moving and having now a permanent home, Hey, wasn't it like a "day out" ?

I found someone to help me with my sewing and she starts on Tuesday, her name is Kelly and I'll let you know all about her soon! (Hi Kelly c u Tuesday, :) ) So tomorrow is cutting out day and getting mountains of stuff ready to sew. People have been most generous looking out for chenille for me and I managed to take home eight vintage chenille bedspreads from the handmade expo that people had been collecting along their travels for me. I have some awesome colours at the moment ! Lots of new ideas too.

My bathmats from a couple of posts back have all sold, except for the one in my etsy store and I am on to a new lot now, including a very floral delicious round version and a trianglular version too, sounds wierd ? Not at all, imagine if you will, the long part of the triangle up against the bath or shower, ( ok when I find my camera I will take a pic of the way it sits nicely against the edge of the bath or shower! ) I better remember to make one for self !

If you would like to email me via my blog please note that I have a new email address out here in the sticks.
See you soon, I'm sure I should have said more but there are just too many things going on to say it all !!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Excitement is Building !

This will be my last post for the fore seeable future, may be a couple of weeks any way, although one never knows how the telcos work, they may work miracles with me !

We settle our house in Laidley tomorrow and will move in gradually over a week or so. It was going to be two weeks but Mr bubba informs me today that he may be almost finished come the end of Saturday! I'll have to ring him from the Handmade Expo on Saturday to find out where my bed is ! Dont you love the unknown..not! !

I have been madly stocking up on heat packs and today out of the blue I had an itching to make these..

Half a dozen "say no to plastic bags " totes to add to the collection and to take on Saturday to the Handmade Expo. Thay are smallish to medium size, just right for all the little purchases at the market. They are priced at $12. Like there was no packing to do at all !

On top of settlement time being changed, a contract on our house sale falling over, Mr bubba being away with work for three days next week, someone whinging and complaining about our corflute signs on posts advertising the Handmade Expo, yes on top of all that, I woke this morning with a really sore lower back ! Must have been
all of the boxes I moved into the garage yesterday, of course they were all the book boxes packed by not me in boxes way too big for books!

Oh and I forgot to mention the haircut you have when the hairdresser doesn't listen to a word you say about how you want it because she knows best! ( even though she has been doing it for a year or more) Funny how small things can put you over the edge isn't it ?

Anyhoo! These things are all sent to try us and other than this I cant tell you how excited I am about the Handmade Expo on Saturday and us celebrating our first birthday of the market. Did I mention free cupcakes to the first 500 through the gate ? Looking forward to everything that comes with over 100 stalls of lovliness, looking forward to meeting Jay from Finki and her mum and sister, looking forward to having my new sewing helper come to help out too, come and meet Kelly. Also looking forward to buying some delicious lamb from Farmer Dave.

See you on Saturday everyone! 8 am - 2 pm, Ipswich Turf Club Brisbane Rd, Bundamba.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Can you do anything to help?

I just sent a wholesale order to this lady...Tanya, last week as she is opening a new shop.
Please read this incase you can help her and her family! Tears :( Please pass around..

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Guess who's coming for our Birthday!

What birthday I hear you ask ?
The Handmade Expo is turning ONE YEAR OLD on Saturday August 15th, and we are having a party ! ( Yay we love parties ! ) There'll be cake to for the first 500 guests! Will you be in the first 500? I cant save you any ( there's no party bags so you'll have to get in early ! )
Anyhoo, guess who's coming up from Melbourne for our party ???

It's Jay from Finki ! You can find Jay here and she is so so clever, she might even come Friday for a sneak peek at Handmade Heaven and we can have more cake with coffee !!

As far as birthday wishes go.. Look what Di and Renee have done! Check out the 2nd last post!

Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday Handmade expo!
Happy Birthday to us ! Hip Hooray!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

vintage chenille bath mat mission !

Whilst I am supposed to be sewing pants and skirts to replenish my ever dwindling stock...I kinda got sidetracked! ( as if you dont know what thats like, the juices were flowing) and I had to have a fight with the top shelf in the wardrobe to retrieve a long ago purchased, almost written off ( but never forgotton ) Vintage Chenille Bedspread !

Bath Mats were the order of the day, they just popped into my head and off I went on a tangent! I'm going to list one in my etsy store and take the others to market, and if there are any left I might take them to heaven.

They are so shabby delicious I might have to keep one for the new house ( 8 days til settlement)

I also managed to make some pants, two of these, size four and size one and a hot pink pair size 2, to add to the collection. Do you like this new style with a side pocket instead of a yo yo for boys. There is a vintage button on the pocket too.

Let me know what you think :)
P.S Still have position vacant for sewer/helper.

Oh and dont forget to pop over to Brisstyle where many of us are having a sale ! Yay we love sales!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Position Vacant..

If there is anyone out there in blog land who would be interested or know of someone who may be interested in doing some sewing,
some piece work,

starting off with one full day a week, possibly leading to two days, (depending on how fast you are at sewing ! )

In my studio in Laidley, 25 minutes from Ipswich, 20 minutes from Gatton, 45 minutes from Toowoomba, max 1 hour from Brisbane some areas!

I am very flexible, which could mean work one day with me and take home a days work to bring back the following week for example.

Nothing intricate or difficult.

To start in three to four weeks.

Morning and afternoon tea and lunch supplied! :)

Interested ? Know someone who may be you could let them know?

This is a serious, genuine offer, I need help and am willing to pay, I am overwhelmed and need a small boost, as I really want to fulfill some big committments, if you have an interest please email me at and we can convo !!

Please feel free to forward this info to someone else who may not be into blogging or simply may not read my blog !