Friday, January 29, 2010

Touching base with you!

There are still 5 big sleeps for you to enter my give away ! Thanks to all the lovlies who have entered and consequently become a follower or twittered about the giveaway or mention bubba on facebook. All your hard work helps me to grow my fledgling business! And.. I appreciate it very much X

Heres what I've been doing ! I have had some special orders to fill.

Today I am off to my eldest grandsons to learn how to take him to pre prep (aka the year before school) I'll be indulging in this activity once a week this year and cant wait to see his smiling face !

I'll also be stocking up in Handmade Heaven, doing a photo shoot for the Handmade Expo on the 20th Feb, going to Spotlight and eating cupcakes!

Hope you have a great weekend and dont forget to enter my giveaway!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Full Steam Ahead

Yes, thats right everyone.2010 is shaping to be a great year for The Handmade Expo.


Ok, so we have confirmation with Queensland Rail and the Swanbank Steam Train that they are going to coincide their train pickups/drop offs at The Handmade Expo on our market days.

For those of you who are not aware, the train line runs parallel with the Ipswich Turf Club and there is a stop right outside the front gate.Tickets for a train ride and souveneirs can be purchased at the front gate of The Handmade Expo...Bringing hundreds to our market every month.

This is a great day out...A wonderful train ride and before or after, head on into the FREE Handmade Expo for something to eat, a shop & browse of over 100 stalls of handmade goods. How else would you want to spend your Saturday...ONCE A MONTH...

A big thanks to Swanbank Steam Trains & Queensland Rail for working together in getting both of our fabulous Ipswich Tourist attractions on the map....

That is what it is all about...


A steam train ride tomorrow, a practice run maybe? or just some Aussie day fun ?
Dont forget to enter my postaversary giveaway a couple of posts ago ! Just leave a comment !

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Colour Purple

Dont forget to enter my giveaway on previous post. X O

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hi fellow enthusiasts, I honestly didn't think this day would ever come and even if I did entertain the thought of me doing 200 posts, I would have thought it was way, way in the future !

My daughter made this blog for me and said something to the effect of "mum you have to, everybody is doing it and you'll get left behind if you dont, so here it is, I've set it up for you, any questions just ring me, have a play around with it, read some other blogs and you'll get into it " and here I am 200 posts later.

I worry that I waffle on too much ( it's a family trait ! ), or dont do this or that right etc etc, but it seems I have an evergrowing list of followers (friends) who leave gorgeous encouraging , inspiring and motivating comments so I keep going !

So now for the celebrations!

I would like to offer for a giveaway two little packs of de-stash items, here's what to do,

1. Simply leave me a comment for one entry.

2. If you follow me already leave me another comment for another entry.

3. Start following me for another entry.

4. Follow bubbachenille on twitter for another entry and tweet about my giveaway ( or if you already follow me just tweet about the giveaway)

5.Become a fan of bubbachenille on Facebook for another entry (or if you are already a fan on facebook post about my giveaway)

6.Become a fan of The Handmade Expo on Facebook for another entry( or if you are already a fan mention in your comment )

7. If you make a purchase from my blog, etsy store or madeit store you can have free postage and another entry per item purchased.

8. Blog about my giveaway on your blog for an entry.

I think the possibilty of 9 entries ! You can do it all in one entry if you like and I'll count them all up, this is a hand done draw, names on paper type of girl that I am !

It's all about networking girls so whatever you can do for me I will appreciate like crazy ! I see that you all visit me regularly and this small heartfelt give away is really the laest I can do, I wish I could do more to thank you.

P.S If you dont have a blog or details on your blog make sure you include your email address.

Thanks X X mumma bubba

Giveaway will be drawn on Wednesday 3rd Feb, 2 weeks from today and my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary !

Here's a pic of the two packs....

The first pack containsHandmade Mag current issue, 4 pieces of cotton fabric, 25 X 90, 110 X 40, 55 X 26, 30cm, 5.4 m wide lace, bag heart charms, 2 bubbachenille vintage chenille buttons and a heart pincushion with needle wrap thingy!

The second pack contains 1 Fat quarter of white vintage chenille, 2 vintage doileys, 3 pieces of fabric 49 X 36, 76 X 30 and forgot to measure the third !, 2 bubbachenille vintage chenille buttons, bag mixed buttons mainly clear and white and bag purple buttons.

Waffled for long time. Thanks for reading and entering ! X X

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Pop over here and visit a creative friend of mine.
She has a giveaway to celebrate her 200th blog post.
Watch out for my giveaway in the next couple of days too, Guess what ? It will be my 200th post too!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Listings.

Check out my side bar for some new creations..
Just email if anything interests you, You can paypal it or direct deposit if in Aus. All prices are Aussie dollars .....
Just about to put some more new listings on etsy too !


My first date claimer for the year, which I am currently working on is The Handmade Expo.
Have you been yet as a customer ?
Have you been yet as a stallholder ?
Whichever way you want to come, trust me, you'll have a great time !
The first one for the year is on Saturday 20th February. ( plenty of time to prepare if you are a stallholder and plenty of time to save some pennies if you are a customer! )
The venue is about half an hour from Brisbane and 40 minutes or so from Toowoomba.
It at the Ipswich Turf Club on Brisbane Rd at Bundamba, ( you cant miss it with signs and banners and lots of cars and people! )
It's from 8am - 2pm and there is FREE entry and FREE parking.
It's slightly early to say how many stalls will be on offer for you to browse and shop but it's normally over 100 !
Gourmet food and fresh fruit and veges from local farmers also will be on offer.
You can have a delicious coffee ( iced or hot ), a BBQ supporting a local charity, cup cakes, slices ,cakes and yummy treats to have for morning tea or a light snack. Sno cones ( the hand shaved ice variety, not the bought ice, oh these are to die for on a hot day ) for the young and not so young .( pinacolada is my fave )
There are plants, preserves, pottery, patchwork, popcorn, woodwwork, clothing, jewelery, gourmet wines, cheese, gelato,birdhouses, soaps, lotions, books, art, recycled all sorts of things. I haven't covered everything here, but there is more and there is a great variety and the best thing is...It's ALL HANDMADE ! And it's all Local ! No imported or manufactured things here !

For bookings or further info jump on our blog and it's all there!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Another birthday done and dusted !

Mr bubba was feeling extremely generous this year ! ( and I have one more year to go before a BIG birthday ..I hate to think ! )

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Listings

I have been kinda busy today, trying out some new bigger, more funky embellishments on some pants (and skirts to come ).
I thought i would list them here on my blog before taking them to my first
market in February, taking them to Handmade Heaven or before listing them on etsy or madeit.
You can purchase direct from here by going to the paypal donate button, or you can email me for direct deposit details.
I have quite a variety of chenille at the moment too, so custom orders are a "yes" at the moment.

The above is a size 4 and the chenille is vintage, as is the over sized yo yo in green and mauve. It has a green very vintage button too. Matching mauve fringing, also vintage.. The pink chenille is very soft and the length from waist to hem is 13" (33cm). Price is $29.50 which includes postage.

Next on the catwalk today ( ! ) we have the same vintage pink chenille in a size 2. Length is 12" (30.5cm) This one has an over sized yo yo made from new cotton shabby miniture roses fabric and a pink vintage button, pink chenille fringe trim around hem. Price is $29.50 incl. postage.

And last but not least, we cant forget the boys in your life! These are a size 4 also in a lovely sky blue vintage chenille, yellow chenille star and a blue to die for vintage button, with yellow chenille fringe around the hem.They measure 14" (35.5cm) to the bottom of the fringe. Price is $27.50 which includes postage.

You know which button to press if you would like any of these !

Then just for the fun of , I made this, with a view to stash up my gift box! Now I did take this off a free tutorial the other day and now I go looking for it I cant find it , but when I do , I'll be back with a link. Sorry to whoever did this tute and I promise I'll be back to link it. A bit cute dont you think ?

A Winner !

I was lucky enough to be randomly generated ( ! ) by Leonie over at Raglan Guld just before Christmas and receive this huge stash of fabric from her. I have already paid it forward and spread around some of the love !

Leonie makes gorgeous looking tailored fishermans pants, and vege bags and other cool stuff, go say Hi !

Thanks again Leonie.

Outstanding Tourist Attraction

Hi All,In today's local paper, the QT, they ask people to SMS what Ipswich's most outstanding tourist attraction is....
Do you think it is the Handmade Expo???
If you do, please help us out and SMS your words to 0407 088 442.
Thanks heaps.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Starting over again..

I am just about to go for my first walk ( for exercise ! ) in a long time , where I will ponder the thoughts about starting to blog again!
See you soon!