Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Recovered and back on deck

Not with all guns blazing but it's my first real day back at mimmis today and after checking millions of emails and trying to catch up I thought I should do a post to get it all out there so I can start afresh.

Well after having a relaxing and wet Christmas, a couple of days later Liesa, Micky, my mum, sister and niece headed off on a holiday to Melbourne. This was not a sign of things to come but what we had for breaky at 5.30am on the plane.

Funny hey ?

Then remembering last time we were in Melbourne, one of our favourite spots for coffee was

After filling up on coffee and pastries we had 8 nights in the city, running around everywhere, with one day actually walking for about 8 hours. We did some wonderful shopping, ate delicious food as only melbourne can dish up, caught up with family, saw wierd and wonderful things busking and putting on shows in the streets!

We caught up with Jay from Finki and some other blogging buddies in Brunswick and had a private shopping tour of their little piece of Handmade shop space.

I can hardly even remember that much of that long awaited holiday.

I came home on the Wednesday to celebrate a milestone birthday on the Saturday and the girls had organised a surprise party for Jeff ( hubbys birthday on the same day as mine ! ) and I with people coming from as far away as Darwin, Townsville, Burpengary, NSW, Redcliffe, Brisbane, That was awesome !

It was still raining all this time and then Monday we were getting text messages from the SES to evacuate our homes, Toowoomba had its flood down the main street and surrounds and it just kept coming and coming!

In the end we were evacuated by helicopter to an evacuation centre where we stayed the night. We returned home the following day once it was announced safe to do so to find no damage at all to our homes. This was the start of it though in Liesas back yard. Sadly mimmis shop wasnt so lucky, but we managed to clean up most of it in a day.

Yep, thats all mud ! So everything went out on the footpath while the shop was hosed and swept out, then everything cleand of mud and put back into the shop. Thanks to my DH, my SIL and friend Nicole for doing this for me, oh how much I appreciated how quickly it was done.

Then Liesa and I went off to Ipswich a couple of days to do some helping out there, to people who have lost everything, their whole worlds....But they are OK and their kids are OK in the most, so thats the main thing.

I just look at it and say " It's just stuff " It can be replaced.

I lost maybe 20 bedspreads all up, but its only about 2/3rds of my stash, I can just buy some more !

I hope you and yours are all safe and well. X X X