Saturday, September 24, 2011

I love Spring dont you ?

My Mums next door neighbour is a fantastic gardener, Living in Toowoomba though does help things along.

They live in a complex with three units and the tiniest of garden spaces. Believe you me, she can fit more into her tiny space that I fit into my quarter acre.

When we lived in Toowoomba she would be always sharing her plants with me.

These Lemons were massive.

I love the way everything grows together and joins up to make a picture so to speak. Oh and its so much more beautiful in the flesh !

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So it seems...

So it seems I have got into the really bad habit of only blogging once a month ! Shame on me..
Any hoo, with mimmis ( my shop ) keeping me so busy and The Handmade Expo Market going through an expansion phase, I have an excuse. In actual fact the up coming Handmade Expo on this Saturday sees bubbachenille not having a stall for the first time in three years. With Liesa being very pregnant, that leaves Micky and I to do lots of physical stuff, lots of walking with one woman down so to speak.

As part of the markets' expansion you will notice some annual events and some themed events popping up through out the year. Our first " annual " market will be on Saturday 1st October right here where mimmis is, in Forest Hill, in the Lockyer Valley. Hey if you've never been to this part of the world, set the navman and come for the day. Not only will you get to witness, browse and shop at a fantastic Handmade market at a lovely heritage venue, you could be treated to great coffee and food at Cafe Sorella in Forest Hill and you can check mimmis out too while you are here.

We hope to see you soon at one of our markets, Please take the time to say hi and intro yourself if we don't already know you.
Thanks for your support everyone.

P.S My new range of baby linen just arrived, Loving the shabby colours X

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Creating Pretties

I hate being quiet in the shop but I love having the time to create !

Make sense?

Heres what I have been doing today...

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I have has this small wicker heart shaped wreath for years and origianally when I bought it I thought I'd tie scraps on to it ( you know that look ? ), Then Miss Rose Sister Violet came into my life and I cant resist playing with flowers, ribbons, braids, beads and ofcourse the hot glue gun, my weapon of choice LOL.

I love this so much I now stock as many of the products from this company I can in my shop, so now I have a habit on tap too!

Living the dream !