Thursday, May 28, 2009

The other two thirds of The Handmade Expo

I nearly forgot ! The girls would shoot me if I didn't blog these pics, You see they love the camera and all the press they can get !!

Vintage chenille in blue anyone?

I'm loving the parcel person lately, I'm even on a first name basis with Donna now after the amount of deliveries I get, if she goes on holidays or doesn't win the next tender I don't know what I'll do !! ha, ha.

Today I received this beautiful blue chenille bedspread and because I needed a backdrop to show off the other lovlies that arrived today I have used this bedspread to showcase the gorgeous lovliness from FINKI. How amazing are her creations? There is a sewing basket made from pages from former sewing book and a to die for little pincushion that was an added extra, ( naughty but nice Finki ! ) After you've looked at the pics why dont you check her blog and etsy store out.

Remember I told you I had to go to The Handmade Expo meeting yesterday? Well we had a hard day, discussing all manner of things !!

MMMMM Cream buns, I haven't had them since I was at High school ! ( some 30 odd years ago ! )

There always has to be fudge when anything to do with The Handmade Expo is going on !

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Giveaway Day

Take a left quickly and go here for over 100 giveaways oranised by sewmamasew.
Dont miss out!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

chenille busy- ness !

It's been a busy day here at bubba HQ, no dilly dallying going on here today and the night is young, I'm on a roll !

Here's what I have done today...

A stack of heat packs that I had already cut out and were waiting for me , Some new colours in pants and skirt. It is a good colour for the boys but teamed with pink trim is good for girls too and who doesn't love navy and pink ?

Then there are these that I finished off yesterday..

and these...

I am haveing a bit of a break from sewing tomorrow whilst I have a Handmade Expo meeting. We have lots of new ideas to discuss and will be a full on couple of very productive hours. If you live in South East QLD then check out our dates for upcoming markets, We have over 90 stallholders of handmade lovliness ! Here

I may have a new model for my pants and singlets, he is here , and is so cute !

Monday, May 25, 2009


I made this about ten years ago and it now adorns the wall in the smallest room in the house. I was going through a natural/rustic colour phase.
I still love buttons and Lisa over here is organising a button swap if you'd like to get involved, go over and check it out ! Could be fun !

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bits of everything !

Well I haven't dissapeared of the planet, yet!

Just been busy creating for a wholesale order that was waiting for me when I got back from Woodlands market on Sunday. What a beautiful day it was...I'm not suddenly going to be a millionaire but the niceness of the day makes up for that ! Heres a pic of the gorgeous mansion.

And heres a pic of my stall.

The Handmade Expo provided 23 stalls of handmade lovliness for the day and we all set up on the grassed area along the path .

Speaking of Granny squares ! ( ha ha ) and me doing some linen changing for the coming colder nights I found and remembered this blanket my mum made for me. She has made one for everyone in the family, each different and each one with the owners initials crotched in it.

Now if you dont get a rug then you definately get a pair of knitted slippers !

And here's what I've been working on, still have to put the zips in these... All have either one or two strips of vintage chenille front and back mmmm yummo !

These are for my order.. I made 12 of these vintage chenille cushion covers, not all for the order, but I figure if you are doing a few you may as well do a dozen !, these are going to a store in Sydney and some purses too. I'll tell you more about the store when I get some photos of the shop.

And these.. Does anyone recognise some of the fabric, I have used some I got from tinniegirl and some I got from Calamity Janes !

Before I forget, could you go over to Brisstyle please and enter the fab giveaway, time is running out ! and there are two great giveaways and all you have to do is leave a comment on the blog...go for it... nothing to lose !
Just started raining again in sunny QLD, darn I only managed to get two out of four loads of washing dry !

Friday, May 15, 2009

New Vintage Chenille Clothes

Before I shut myself down for a day or two, or should I say switch myself off, I thought I'd show some of my work for this week to restock for the Ipswich Heritage Faire on Sunday. It's on at the beautiful "Woodlands at Marburg if you are at a loose end on Sunday, why not come along. There will be 23 stalls from the Handmade Expo, (me included ! ) and lots of demos and activities for all the family, food, drinks etc from about 9am - 3 pm, free entry, free fun !!
Anyhoo some of the trims on these clothes were bought from a gorgeous fabric store in the US called Calamity Janes and you can find it here Bonnie will be pleased to help you out, as she has done for me a couple of times recently !
These items will be for sale at the Heritage Faire on Sunday, the skirts are $18, the pants are $20 and the co-ordinating buttons that are great for hairpins are $3.
Another lovely idea would be to sew them to a plain T Shirt either in the front or one on each sleeve to match the bottom piece. Or you could get really creative and do some sort of applique on a shirt and include the buttons, thus tieing the outfit all together.

So there you have part of my week, I have also made about 30 gorgeous heat packs in some new coloured chenille (vintage ofcourse)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

YAY! Cute as Buttons is haveing a giveaway !

Pop over to for their giveaway and check out their gorgeous kids range.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Unknown Model

This little darling was bought a pair of pants from my new collection and given them as a gift...The next day her mum brought her to the Ipswich Show to show me how the pants looked, she also bought a "cute as buttons " singlet to co-ordinate. How cute !

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

bubbachenille wins at show

What day is it?
My gosh I finally have time to post after 5 days of doing the Ipswich Show (1 day setting up and 1 day packing up !),Mothers day, admin day etc, etc. I told Mr bubba last night I had forgotton how to cook!
( I wish I could get away with that one let me tell you !)
We had such a good time though selling all 20 stallholders handmade goodies, sharing time with some of our volunteer stallholders and talking to thousands of people to promote our handmade expo . It was a pretty successful time all round. I didn't realise you could get so darn tired though !

This is what the stall looked like, only three times bigger as we had 9m X 3m.

I entered five items in the show competition and got four places, excitement plus !

Thank you to our wonderful stallholders for your support of the Handmade Expo and the Handmade industry...
Now its sewing time, YAY !

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

bubbachenille finds

Well I am at the end of a run of busy -ness which has included the Stitches and Craft fair in Brisbane, the market in the mountain at Mt Tamborine, Mulgowie Farmers markets, some gardening, button making, list writing for this weeks Ipswich Show, making items to enter into the show ( 5 items ! ), making items to stock my share of the Handmade Expo show space.

Am I putting too much pressure on myself ?

There is so much I want to do and here I am on the computer again ! I wanted to show you a couple of finds from the weekend and also to show you how button making has crept into my world.

I am making some buttons to match the fabric trim on my " new collection " pants and skirts as well as vintage chenille buttons that will match the garments too. They could be used by the purchaser of the garment as hair clips ( just slide the bobby pin onto the button ) or as a button sewn on to a top to match the outfit.
I have even started wearing a chenille covered button in my hair!
I have very short sticky up spikey hair so it's a bit funny , but I'm lovin it !!

Then there was this bargain from the antique shop at Aratula, It's perfectly rusty which Mr bubba says will paint up a treat with some sanding.

Its an old hat box.
This gorgeous folk art teapot from Mt Tamborine.

And this lovely tiny hanging, about 8 cm X 11 cm, it's the heart thing I'm drawn to, cant resist ! Sorry it's a bit bright, I need a lesson on using my camera.

I'm off now for final packing and prep for the Ipswich Show, setting up tomorrow for three days of promoting the Handmade Expo and ofcourse promoting HANDMADE.

We will have lots of beautiful goodies for sale from over 20 of our best stallholders, so if you are in the area or looking for a day out Thurs, Friday or Saturday, 9 am - 9pm each day, Ipswich Showgrounds, Warwick Rd, then do yourself a favour and come visit us.

We have the biggest site in the pavilion ( and probably the best too ! ) and would love to help you choose an amazing Mothers Day gift for your mum. We could also help your child choose you a gift !

Catch up with you next week !
Happy Mothers Day too, hope you get spoilt !