Thursday, September 9, 2010

Garden and sewing update

Well my garden is starting to come along with the structural help from Mr bubba!
I cant believe how well everything is doing,
We'll be reaping the rewards soon !

Just about all my seeds are up and the seedlings I planted have taken off too.

Following on from the cowboy pants I made, I have made these in chenille.

I popped 5 pairs on Facebook to show all the size 3 lovers and 2 have found new homes already.

Back to the drawing board, I had a huge cutting out day on Tuesday, concentrating on boy colours in pants and much more in the girly skirts too.

Lovely bright colours for summer dont you think ?


Tamara said...

Wow! The vegie patch is looking great and the pants are way cute!

The Handmade Expo and Handmade Heaven said...

I can't believe how quickly those vegies grow. Before you know it we will be doing an egg/vegie swap...LOL
Loving the pants by the way, they are also delicious. xoxo

Jay @ Finki said...

Must be something about Queensland sun an soil. My mum has a booming vegie patch up there too. She sends me pics of her 1.2kg cauliflower. so cute ( ;

clare's craftroom said...

You have been busy ! That garden is looking fantastic !

Buy Design said...

I daren't post photos of my garden. Weeds and dog poo is not a good look. I don't know how you find the time for gardening with all your sewing and markets. I'm very impressed.
Fiona x