Friday, January 25, 2013

Hello, long time no see ! 

How are you ?
Its been so long since we spoke :-)  I am going to catch up with some of you tonight and some more tomorrow night etc etc.
Amazing how many of you pass me in the corridors of facebook, we wave and say hi occaissionaly.  Its nice !  I miss you though!

So I thought I'd stop by to let you know that I have cleaned up my on line shop and popped some things on sale,  in line with my shop in Foresthill.  A few bargains, 30 - 50% off some of the items.  There are heaps more in store,  I only have a small capacity on line shop at the moment.

I have embarked on presenting small mini workshop/classes in Feb and March in my shop.  I have a nice big back room/class room and am offering some quickie classes, things like basic embroidery, learn to crochet, scrap booking, quilling and one of my embellishment classes.  I say " my" but actually haven't done it before.  How hard can it be? It only will go for an hour or hour and a half.

If you'd like to come for a visit ,  I have a lovely range of stock at the moment including some beautiful vintage cups and saucers and some divine trios also.  I have some amazing clocks made from beautiful " Royal" plates and to die for jewellery made from sterling silver and broken china.  Of course I had to have a pair of earings, couldn't resist !

Here's my shop address , you can find me always on facebook at and my live shop address is Victoria Street, Foresthill, Qld 4342. 

 There's a google map around somewhere ! Perhaps on my website !  If not just google " mimmis" or pop it in your Navman !

Hope to see or hear from you soon, I've missed you :-)