Friday, June 28, 2013

mimmis in the spotlight

Just wanted to pop by and show you all who dont live in South East Queensland or who aren't on Facebook my little brush with fame ( about a minute ! ) 
Its on my facebook page and it wont copy to my blog. 
If you go to and scroll down to the 16th June you'll be able to view the 3 minute interview that aired on the box.

My little brush with fame has led to a much greater awareness and has been so wonderful for mimmis.  I have met an amazing array of new friends who have travelled from far and wide to check out my shop and wonder at all the clever people who entrust me to help sell their handmade wares too.

My website has been great for mimmis too, although only new and a bit on the slow side, I felt I had to jump on board the ecommerce side of things so I am ready for when there aren't shops anymore ???  Thats what I feel like its getting to sometimes, with everyone purchasing on line these days !
Do you shop on line?

How are you all ?  Its been ages hasn't it?  Have a lovely day wont you :-)

Ok well off to play in mimmis now, change all the things I dreamt about last night !