Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hello Blog

Wow, I cant believe how much Blogger has changed since the last time I posted or even looked at a blog if it wasn't linked to Facebook.
Amazing how fast technology moves isn't it?
My excuse for lack of blogging these days is that I am so busy in mimmis and connecting with people is so quick and easy on facebook.
I am sure there are plenty out there who aren't doing the facebook thing so thought I'd pop over to blogger and show you some recent pics of whats happening in mimmis.
If you are on facebook here's a link to my August album
otherwise, here's some pics for you to browse.
Hope you are well by the way !

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lots of re arranging, moving furniture, finding places for lovely new stock and trying to create a theme.

This has been consuming me for a couple of days and still has some tweeking but getting very close to how I envisage the space to be.  
I have some beautiful new stock coming next week from a linen company so will have to do a bit of a shuffle next week again but the bones are there anyway.
Then there's the "handmadies" that come and go and restock and change stock so mimmis is always evolving and changing...I love this !  Never a dull moment as they say !

Scrapbooking classes are starting to fill again,  if you are interested in coming to a class, they are held on a Friday from 10am - 12pm about every 2 or 3 weeks.  Bookings are essential as I only have room for 8 participants.  All skill levels are welcome, even if you have never done scrapbooking before !
If you would like to book in or any info , please leave your email address and I'll scoot you some more info.

Next Sunday, 10th June,  I'll be taking mimmis and having a stall at Mummy Tree market in Toowoomba,  It's a big job, stripping the shop, packing it up and going on a road trip,  but I love the market  so it's worth it !   
Its a great market if you are looking for a day trip next Sunday.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I have just drawn my giveaway the old fashioned way and the winner is....
Melody, I have just sent you an email as you are the lucky winner.
Thanks for entering everyone, and thanks for following and liking.
This was so much fun, I'll be doing it again soon !

Giveaway being drawn later this afternoon

Hi everyone in blogland :-)
I am drawing my giveaway later this afternoon, Have you entered?
Just scroll down to the giveaway post for details and leave your details so I can contact you if you are the winner of a basket of goodies from mimmis :-)

Good luck and thanks again for all your support XXX

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Giveaway reminder

Dont forget I am having a giveaway ( see post below ). You dont have to jump through hoops but you do have to leave your name and your email address !
Good Luck !

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Giveaway time..

Well as promised I have put together numerous little goodies ( It has to be easy to post ) for potentially you, to say thanks heaps for your support in me reaching a huge milestone on Face book with 2000 likers ( already 2040)
Thats massive and I really appreciate your support.
Whether you come into mimmis, see me at The Handmade Expo Market or Mummy Tree Market, pop in to visit on line, refer me to your friends, do a class or workshop, I thank each and every one of you for your support. I am very aware that without your support, what I'm doing would not be possible and I hate to think of the alternative.. ( a real job blah yuk, been there done that ! LOL )

So it's just a massive THANK YOU and these are for you....

Now are you ready for my thank you present?
All you need do is to be a follower of my blog and facebook and leave a comment at the end of this post with your name, If you aren't on Face book dont worry cos I know you are going to follow my blog !
I will do a Random generator draw on Wednesday 11th April...just after the Easter Bunny has been.
Heres what you'll receive in the post..

Here's what's in the box of goodies,
Guest Towel with lovely crochet edge,
Vintage Doiley,
Bookmark with glass bead,
red and white heart shaped Petit Four cases from Lark
Flower earings made by Handmade by Haylz,
Painted wooden buttons,
Mix of blue and white buttons collected by moi,
Tube of coloured pencils from Lark,
Pumpkin pin cushion handmade by moi,
Crochet washcloth handmade by my mum,
Vintage chenille washcloth handmade by moi,
Oversized gift card/fridge magnet handmade by Angelic Aspirations,
Coconut and Lime wax melts handmade by NJ"S Candles
Small tin trinket box,
Handmade Keyring handmade by moi.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Give away next week

Hi Everyone,

Just popping in to let you know that I am so close to reaching my goal on Face book of 2000 likers, stay tuned next week for a lovely giveaway.
If you'd like to follow me on Face book just click here.

Monday, March 19, 2012

mimmis Market wrap

There I go again not blogging for rages and rages !
I so dont want to give up my blog but I am seriously getting worse at it !
Having changed my style just a bit from when I started bubbachenille and blogging, there always seems so many other things to do!
I guess I really should change my blog name to mimmis now as I have done with my etsy store ( neglected also )
So I had a pretty good day on Saturday at The Handmade Expo considering it did seem to be fairly quiet crowd wise, no complaints here though.
Our market photographer , Krystal , was at it again taking the most heavenly shots randomly throughout the day. Here are some to entice you to perhaps pay us a visit on 21st April, either as a customer or a stall holder or maybe to pop over and visit Krystal and check out her awesome work?

Just thought I'd slip this one in too. I am having a clearance sale on my face book page. If you go to mimmis, click on "photos", then look for the " clearance sale album" There are instructions for purchasing ( paypal ) with each photo if you see something you like.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Market Tomorrow

It seems like forever since we went to market ( 2 months is nearly forever !)

We are on again tomorrow folks with 85 stalls of handmade loveliness from 8am - 2pm at the Ipswich Turf Club.
A lot of your favourite regulars and as always some new stalls will be there to tempt your senses ( and your wallets too ! ).
The Pioneer Steam Train running half hour trips, The Coffee Club serving Coffee, Fresh fruit and veges from James and Amanda, Ice cream from Miss Daisys Ice Cream Emporium.
Lots of baked goods and gourmet delights, steamed dumplings and addictive fresh popcorn, Bratwurst and Dutch mini pancakes, my mouths watering already !

Bring the children along for the circus workshops with Julie and they'll learn to juggle and other circus like things !

Come and visit my new look mimmis stall which will include lots of supplies from the Miss Rose Sister Violet range of whimsical vintagy items, braids and trims, divine velvet flowers and lots of new handmade items by mimmi.

There is a slight chance of a few showers but dont let that deter you, it wont deter us from showcasing some of S.E Qlds talented handmadies and there are lots of undercover areas to hang out if we do get a shower !

See you tomorrow, please come and say HI !

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Seems like the only time I get to blog these days is when I'm alone ( Mr bubba is working away) and I actually have time on my hands.

I have watched a movie, washed the car ( or someone else did while I supervised from the inside ! ), bought a few groceries and had eggs and bacon for breaky cooked by my SIL after I had a sleep over with two of my grandies !
Really rather boring day actually ! I think you need these type of days every now and again though dont you ?

I dare not hang out at Pinterest or I'll forget to eat !

I have had a week of organising dates for classes and ordering, making and unpacking masses of stock for mimmis for a busy year ahead.
Here's some pics taken recently you might like.

Half price chenille clothing rack in mimmis
New trims and braids from Miss Rose Sister Violet in background and other items ready made, using many of their new range of embellishments.
New T shirts and singlets using new trims in mimmis.
Shabby cupboard in mimmis, stocked with lovely, cushions , heatpacks and linen .
Enjoy your week, hope you get lots done ! See you on Face book !

Friday, January 20, 2012

Universal Craft Blog Directory

Pop over here and join the Universal Craft Blog Directory..
Thats if you have a craft blog of course !

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Things on the Horizon

Hi, Happy New Year !

Just wanted to drop by to let you know I am still here !!! Obviously !

My New Year has brought a few changes in my businesses. Nothing too drastic just a short shift around of a few things, concentrating on a couple of different things including slowly changing a lot of what I do over to mimmis and less bubbachenille.
I will still be working with vintage chenille but on a different more feminine level !
I'll be incorporating the Miss Rose Sister Violet new range of trims, ribbons, laces and braids into my work, They are vintage inspired and really divine.
I will eventually change the name of my blog and Etsy store too if I decide to go ahead with it. I am feeling the need for streamlining!

Liesa has set mimmis website up for me and I have started downloading some things for sale on there!

I have a new sign for the markets and am having a sale on lots of bubbachenille clothing in the mimmis shop in Forest Hill.
Heres my website if you want to check it out ! Pretty simple to remember too!

Why not come over and say hi on facebook, I spend a bit of time there !