Saturday, July 31, 2010

Vintage Sheet Lovliness

Thanks so much Ange for organising the MOST wonderful swap.
Here's what I got in return for the vintage sheet fat quarters I sent for the swap and I love every one of them !
Next time you see a swap happening in blog land, Have a think about getting involved, It's so lovely to receive a gorgeous package in the mail and it's not hard to send something off either!

Friday, July 23, 2010

sweat shop mumma

Yep thats me !
My SIL always asks if I have been busy in my sweat shop, well I wasn't sweating thats for sure but I spent a good chunk of the day in there today, ( actually it was freezing in SE QLD today let me tell you ! )

Also finished off a run of 45 heat packs wahoo!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

I am still here!

Just thought I might pop in to say Hi and to let you know that I will be back soon.
I have been having some creative thoughts, so that is a good sign...yes...?

For all you lovely bloggers, I have been reading your blogs when I can.
I'm not sure if you are wondering whats happened to bubba, but I can tell you that getting back to blogging and sewing will start to happen this week.
You see, my dad passed away on 9th July after being diagnosed and admitted to hospital 16 days previously. The whole family was by his side and I guess it is a blessing that he wasn't in pain for very long. It still doesnt seem real, any way, I have been travelling quite a lot to help mum out, having family stay, etc etc etc.

Talk to you soon X

Friday, July 2, 2010


Hi everyone, Just thought I'd drop by to let you know I wont be as active for the next undetermined time cos my dad is very sick and I need to spend as much time as I can with him and mum. I have been with him everyday now since last Wednesday and although I have been reading some blogs every night, I haven't been doing any bubba stuff to post about.
I have been dropping in to facebook, but that also has taken a back seat.
I'll catch up with you all when I can.
Keep creating and will talk to you soon.
Miriam X
aka mumma bubba