Friday, April 29, 2011

bubbachenille still here !

I thought it was about time I showed you some pics and share with you that bubbachenille is still actually alive and kicking !
With the opening of mimmis ( no blog, just on facebook ! ) it's been a struggle to blog regularly and to even catch up on reading all the blogs in my list as I tend to work mainly on facebook these days.

I have a friend coming in for four hours a week helping me with some sewing, mainly heatpacks, which I can never seem to get a stockpile of. Once my three stockists orders have been filled and I go the The Handmade Expo market with them, I am back to square one every month. I should get off facebook shouldn't I and do some more sewing ! LOL are a few of the winter collection, only in size 1 and 2 at present as they are my biggest sellers. I still have all the other sizes but the T Shirts are only 1's and 2's. All the pants are $25 and the T Shirts are $12.

Above size 2.

Above size 3 pants and size 2 T Shirt.

Above size 1.

Above size 1.

Above size 2.

Above size 1.

Above size 2.
Hope you like !

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Thursday, April 21, 2011


Just wanted to say Happy and Safe Easter to all my blogging and Facebook buddies.
Mimmis will be closed for the 5 days over Easter, but thats OK, It will all still be there after the chocolate is all gone.
I just received a shipment of Miss Rose Sister Violet flowers and velvet ribbons for your crafting delight as well as some beautiful fragrant heart sachets just in time for Mothers Day.
Hope to see you after Easter.
I have been busy filling my facebook store and although it is a work in progress, it is beginning to take shape. Incase you're wondering it is a secure payment site that operates through paypal for your safety. I'd love for you to check it out, I'd love it even more if you have the time to click on a product and like it as it then posts it to your wall and would help me let everyone know they can now shop at mimmis on facebook.
( No biggie if you dont ! just thought I'd mention it :-)
Just search mimmis on Facebook!

Happy Easter everyone.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Handmade Expo

It's time again friends for the next Handmade Expo Market, boy they come around quickly dont they ? You can read all about whats on offer this month on the blog. Bubbachenille and mimmis will have some new goodies to show you on Saturday too. I have been busy working on some size one and size two sets comprised of a long sleeved T Shirt to match some pants for boys and for girls, so come and have a look at those when you are at the market. I also have lots of new purses to show you as well as my usual heatpacks, eco washcloths, cushions, vintage fabric and a special bin this month too with lots of reduced goodies ! See you on Saturday handmade lovers !