Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stitches and Craft Show

Yesterday Liesa and I tripped off to the Stitches and Craft Show in Brisbane. What a great time we had shopping and meeting folk we follow in blog land ! YAY it was sooo much fun YAY, I Wanna go again ! ! I wanna have more fun days like that ! !

If you go over to our other blog you'll be able to get a run down of the great people we met and the great purchases we made.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend break

Mr bubba decided Friday we would go away for the weekend. We went to Glen Innes where he is from and stayed with family, went to the dawn service etc, etc. We had the nicest time even though it was already winter there. It's amazing as it's only three and a half hours away and the difference is the difference between Autumn and Winter !

On the way home we called in on one of The Handmade Expo stallholders, Nat and Michelle AKA Bella Rosa's, a gorgeous tea room, cottage and garden centre.
They do specialise in High Teas and although we didnt indulge in this ourselves,we saw others that were and the whole thing looked delicious. We had some truely delicious cauliflower soup.
They are located right behind the Big Apple on the highway just north of Stanthorpe. Here some pics.......

Here's Michelle and Nat

It's very shabby with pink and green all over !

so quaint !

The cottage for hire for a weekend away ...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Autumn Chill

There is a bit of a chill in the air as Autumn gets into full swing here in Toowoomba, I've got a bit of the sniffles, so to solve everything, fix everything, soothe everything heres what I've done today !

The biggest pot of my own recipe minestrone should do the trick, pull up a bowl, theres plenty for the whole blogging world !!!

( This obviously has nothing to do with chenille, but sometimes you just have to live outside the square !! )

Monday, April 20, 2009

dont be scared if you see me coming !

I'll be the one with the alien hands !!

dye ing chenille

someone needs to help me, there were holes in the gloves !!

beautiful giveaway...Have a go!

Heres a beautiful giveaway... Have a go , what do you have to lose !

Thursday, April 16, 2009

new fabric arrives YAY !

I have been waiting for this to arrive, It has only been a week or so but the anticipation was driving me crazy !!

The magazine was a gift and is lovely, a beautiful card of thanks for my purchase, (always lovely ) and 12 of the most to die for fat quarters. Extravagant I hear you say....No way they are from the States and including postage the price was so reasonable I couldn't wait to put it in my cart !!!

Here's the link to Bonnies shop (we are on first name basis seeing I kept her up one night 'til 2 am ! sorry about that Bonnie !!)

Please go and have a look, you wont be disappointed at all, and make sure you say hi from Miriam !

Forgotton pants

OOOP's I forgot these for the little boys, These are a size 1.

New listing for bubbachenille on etsy

I have been trying to be busy this week and I really do keep getting distracted. I have managed to complete a few things and come up with some new ideas like these

I have always wanted to have a go at making covered buttons with chenille, so I chose my fave colour incase no one ever likes them, I know I'll always be able to use them. When I source a bulk lot of the raw button thingys I'll make lots of different colours. Do you like these ?

I have also been doing some re-stocking...

These will all be at my next market at Queens Park, Toowoomba (weather permitting ) on Sunday 19th.
See you there!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

bubbachenille de-stash for craft fair in Ipswich

We at the Handmade Expo have decided to hold a "supply" fair. We have so many people enquiring about selling supplies at our Handmade Expo we thought it was time to cater for their needs and all the public who come to the market actually wanting to buy supplies.

So we have started the wheels in motion and are taking expressions of interest for The Ipswich Craft and Hobby Fair. You can email if you or a business or someone you know might be interested in having a stall, maybe share with a craft friend and clear out your crafting clutter ! Pop on to the blog for more info .

I have decided to have a really good cleanout and already I can see myself filling a table of all sorts of things that I no longer like, that dont inspire me, or are from a phase I was going through etc, etc.

Chenille (ofcourse! ) buttons, fabric, wooden items, lace, (so much lace!). The only thing now that I have decided to have a stall is wrapping and pricing everything...It takes forever... But just imagine what I can replace it all with if it sells !!

Also I have a couple of requests, If anyone reading this knows of a place to buy bulk thingys to make covered buttons, could you let me know please.

The other thing is if anyone can help me out with plain chenille bedspreads I am always looking for them ( as you can imagine ! ) I'll naturally pay a fair price and pay for postage.

Happy crafting :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

bubbachenille market update

Here are some pics from the Handmade Expo at Goondiwindi and the trip out there. It's really quite a pleasant drive from Toowoomba, only just over two hours.

This is the first time we in all our travels that we had ever seen cotton growing. Touching was so tempting, so we did!!

Here is a pic of bubbachenille site in action, well before the action started really, you just have to imagine all the people there !!
The Warwick Easter Fair was rained out about an hour before the finish time, not bad really considering it was raining all around us in other towns, it just held off long enough to hold the market, and we do need the rain! No complaints here...

If you'd like to see more pics and info on The Handmade Expo heres the blog!

See you in the sewing room !!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Are you an Etsy or Artfire Seller?

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Friday, April 10, 2009

bubbachenille at Easter Craft Fair Warwick

Easter is finally here and I have been booked into this market for ever ( so it seems! ) and it's finally here, well tomorrow anyway !

My market going together friend rang me today and asked if I was going to brave it as rain is forcast, "well ofcourse" I said, "we've driven to markets in the rain and when we get there it miraculously stops raining so we can set up , have a good day and go home again in the rain !! "

Seriously !! It's true.. trust me ..

I haven't been sewing all week up until 2.30 today to sit at home cos rain is forcast !! I want to introduce my new collection to the world!! Well to Warwick anyway, baby steps, baby steps.

The family picnic for Sunday is all organised, the fridge overflowing with all sorts of delights, sourced from all over the town, cant wait for that.

We have chosen a park with a very special spiral slide in the childrens playground so I will let you know how the two one year olds and the three year old enjoys that ! Just hope none of the parents, grandparents or great grandparents get stuck in it while rescueing any scardy cats !! The Easter Bunny will be in attendance and I'm hopeing there will be lots of other children there too as I have gone way overboard with eggs for an egg hunt !!

Have a nice Easter everyone! Hope there is lots of chocolate !

Monday, April 6, 2009

bubbachenille featured and home from Goondiwindi

Check out this etsy store. The very lovely Dava has featured me in her weekly stores on etsy. Duck over and check it out at . So nice of her !

What a big weekend we had at the Handmade Expo in Goondiwindi, phew just catching my breath ! I will be busy again forever replacing all my sold stock, yay I had such a good day as did most of the other stallholders.

Sgt Dave Lynch and his wife Fiona were the best hosts and helped us out so much with The Handmade Expo, it's so hard to thank them enough.

I have a wholesale order to fill going to a new shop opening in Sydney, so all my energys for the next couple of days are focussed on that.

Then on Saturday I am off to an Easter market in Warwick for the day. It's the first time they have held this market so no one knows what to expect, hopefully the Easter bunny will come !! I have chocolate withdrawals at the moment !

O K gotta get to work! Catch ya soon !!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Every month this year Brisstyle is having a giveaway, ( you may recall last month one of my items was featured and the purse went to Karin in Sweden ).
Well April is apon us already and there are two more giveaways and members feature stories, There two cute brooches from and a super lovely apron from
But you need to go to the brisstyle blog to enter, just leave a comment and you're in the running.
Goodluck !

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

CHENILLE and Memories......

Hooooeeey, just had another rush of sewing for The Handmade Expo in Goondiwindi on Saturday.

Putting these lovely chenilles together is what I love, I love the look, the feel of it.I love the smiles on peoples faces when they amble up to or even go past my stall. You can see on their faces them remembering old times when chenille was a part of nearly everybody's life.
All the chenille I use is pre-loved.

Was it a part of your life? or maybe it still is !