Tuesday, March 31, 2009

busy, busy, busy !!

Does it matter that I haven't even looked at all the mess in my house and my husband will walk in in about 2 hours and wonder where his delightful home is ?

Ummm yes, yes, yes, NO !

I had time off this morning to go to the hairdresser and doesn't that always take longer than it should ?

Any hoo I have managed to do some work for my stall at the Handmade Expo in Goondiwindi on Saturday, Sneak peek following but first I must tell you about a gorgeous little giveaway over at http://www.edwardandlilly.com/ it's so cute, so hop on over and give it a go!! (no pun intended, you'll see what I mean when you get there!)
The ever popular "bottle bags"More in my new "collection" skirts. OOOhh so cute ! Vintage buttons on all of these.

Monday, March 30, 2009

after two markets

I went back to back with two markets on the weekend, Well I am just beginning to feel human again !

So tired, so tired !! BUT OH BOY WAS IT FANTASTIC !!
I had the greatest response to my new "collection" and just sold so much that I will be busy forever !

I have The Handmade Expo on Saturday in Goondiwindi, so only have a couple of days to do some extra stocking up. Now that I know my new ideas are going to be liked enough for people to buy I can get focussed on that creative journey.
My daughters have put orders in for "boy stuff" in my new range, so they'll be the guinea pigs and I'll need to change my ideas as I mainly tend to follow the pinks ! ( I have three grandsons under 4 !) I'll let you know if I get any boy stuff done for this coming weekend.

Seems like lots of us had a busy market weekend. I have another market next weekend and one the weekend after so I'd better get cracking and stop rambling on !

Happy creating Girls !

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

lovely boys giveaway

Not very often is there a boys giveaway in blogland.
One of the blogs I follow (and she has lots of interesting posts !) is giving away a cute and versatile drawstring bag for a boy. Why not pop over to her blog, have a look around and go into the draw for this bag, www.bloomingnihon.blogspot.com/
Good luck !

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Vigaro Fun Day and Handmade Expo this Saturday

I've been working on some new things in my range, I blogged about some new little girls skirts just recently and here is a sneak preview of my next new "thing" that will be premiering at the Vigaro Finals Fun Day this Saturday the 28th March, from 10 am - 3 pm, Jacaranda St, East Ipswich.
Lots of fun and games for the children too, rides, food and all that. As well as the membership drive for Vigaro and the Finals of their competion.
It's going to be a great family day, so if you are looking for something to do...come check us out.

New "collection" Coasters...

Monday, March 23, 2009

another beautiful giveaway

Go over to http://herlibraryadventures.blogspot.com for a very gorgeous givaway, And drool over her etsy store, I did, so original and so clever.

Friday, March 20, 2009

a giveaway of gorgeous fabric

Go here for a gorgeous giveaway http://mandmstudio.blogspot.com/, once you've done that here is the rest of my new collection....thats 11 funky new skirts that are in my etsy store and off to market !!

Now I really must clean my house and try to be as creative in the kitchen as I try to be in the sewing room...ha ha

Thursday, March 19, 2009

more in the "collection"

Yesterday I was on a roll and made six new skirts in the new collection, alas.. today I have only managed two. (well it is Thursday and I have things to do !!!)

This one is a size 3,
and this one is a size 4,

And this is my new top that Trish http://trishalandesigns.blogspot.com made for me. It's the first time I've worn it and I adore it, all those suffolk puffs and there's some real baby ones in there too, each one has a sequin and a tiny bead, (pink ofcourse.) thanks Trish :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

bubbachenilles new collection ..MORE

Well I have been doing other things today too, (domestic boring stuff !) but I managed to get some sewing done and listed the beginning of my new collection on etsy.
If you have any three or four year olds in your life why not check the new listings out and see what you think !http://www.bubbachenille.com.au/
Have a nice browse while you're there ....

bubbachenille "collections"

I've been overdosing on chenille lately and so missing using some of my "other fabric" stash.

I used to do a fair amount of patchwork before chenille took over my life..

Now the time has come to start mixing things up a bit !

This is only the first of many that I am planning for the new "collections range" sounds impressive doesn't it ? Not quite Jen Hawkins style...baby steps though !
This skirt is a size 3 and the chenille was actually dyed by Trish for me http://trishalandesigns.blogspot.com/ as I have been unable to get really good hot pinks lately. I love this vibrant colour, dont you?

Monday, March 16, 2009

bubbachenille has a winner

OOOOH I'm sooo late at doing the draw for my giveaway...sorry, so much going on (still !). And the winner is little chrissy http://little-chrissy.blogspot.com and while you're there check out her etsy store too, for all your cutest brooches, booties and earings needs !

Thanks for entering and for your interest in my sometimes not so interesting blog !!

Just cleaning and re- organising from The Handmade Expo http://thehandmadeexpo.blogspot.com on Saturday. OMG once again it was as busy as... Selling bubbachenille, selling raffle tickets in three gorgeous and generously donated handmade hampers that were over flowing with goodies.
We had 1100 people pass through the doors and combined with the raffle we get to donate $800 to the Red Cross bushfire appeal...WAHOO and the Red Cross had a sausage sizzle and they raised over $1000 on the day too.
We are feeling quite proud !!

Now to start all over again, take stock for the next mini Handmade Expo on March 28th at the Vigaro fields, Jacaranda St East Ipswich. Although it's a mini Handmade Expo there will be about 40 stalls and if you are interested please contact thehandmadeexpo@optusnet.com.au as there is still room for you!

I'll be back soon!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

bubbachenille heatpacks #2

For some reason, blogger decided to not let me show you more heat pack pictures and when you get a mind set on doing something....you dont give up until it's done..right ?

Filled and ready to sew

previously done packs
This lot is an order going to a shopping centre in Toowoomba for Mothers Day. All colour co-ordinated for this sale.

bubbachenille heat packs

Finally I have been able to purchase wheat from my supplier again. They were out of it for four days, this may not seem a long time to some but my whole week was planned around wheat!!

You see unless you come to http://thehandmadeexpo.blogspot.com/ you probaly wouldn't know that I make heat packs by the million, (also I go to a couple of other markets here in Toowoomba.)

I have had an order for 30 that I finished last week, but I have four really big markets, maybe six (depending on the weather and my stock levels) between now and the 10th May, thats only about 7 weeks. Anyhoo I managed to get through 40 kilos last week and got through 40 kilos this morning. I'm the one keeping the wheat farmers in business! By the way the price of wheat has reduced but you dont see the price of bread going down !

This is why we love heat packs;

they relieve sore sewing neck muscles, shoulder and back muscles,

they keep your feet warm when hubby works away,

they are great for warming babys cot or small childs bed (we dont do electric blankets),

they are great for womens tummy pains,

little puppies and kittens like to be kept warm too.

If you have one of your own you will have a favourite use for one, we love them in our family!

Empty wheat bags that I am trying to find a use for....ideas please ?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

bubba chenille giveaway

Hey readers, I am trying to giveaway something, one more go...
If you go to my website http://www.bubbachenille.com.au leave a coomment and tell me what number the counter says, then got to "lets go shopping" and tell me the name of the 16th item for sale, I will do a random draw on Sunday 15th March, Qld, Australian time and I will send you one of my handmade gifts if you are drawn out. Leave me some way of contacting you if you dont follow me or have a blog so I can later contact you to get your snail mail details...

Good luck!

bubba chenilles friends creative space

I went visiting after the hairdresser today to my crafting and marketing friend "aunty moo"s home.

After coffee and mint slices, (mmmm) we had a look at her recent projects and I couldn't resist taking some pics of her creative spaces. (yes she has more than one creative space!)

I love it all but she's embarressed and thinks it's just a mess. She has so many bits and pieces just waiting to be made into something and a great fabric stash, with some totally gorgeous jelly rolls to die for !

Last Saturday was our youngest grandbabys' 1st birthday party at a play cafe. It was fun for everyone ! Check out this cake (should I say cakes) made by one of The Handmade Expo stallholders... Her business name is Di-licious. The cakes were de-licious and the stars on the icing were the best ever coconut ice, mmmm my mouth is watering !!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My bag tags in the Sunday Age...

I knew this was happening in one form or another, We only just found it though! No pictures of my bag tags, but this write up generated lots of lookers into my store... I have changed the colour in the text that refers to me and was in the Melbourne Sunday Age on Jan 22nd

Bag tags

Spot that bag ... Spotty tags, $8 from Aero Plus and Kikki K Kompis luggage tag, $9.95.
January 25, 2009
There's nothing more depressing than the endless wait for luggage at an airport. A brightly coloured, easy to spot tag will ensure you get your bag on its first time around the carousel, writes Justine Costigan.
A luggage tag to make you smile - just what you need after a long journey. Kikki K Kompis luggage tag, $9.95 from Kikki K stores. See kikki-k.com.au for store addresses.
When you want a tag you can easily see but don't want to sacrifice style, consider these sleek tags from Corban and Blair. Leather tags $15-$25 in a range of colours from corbanblair.com.au and David Jones stores.No one will steal your bag with this cheeky luggage tag, $4.95 from Smiggle. For store locations, see smiggle.com.au
Like a packet of Smarties for your suitcase. Spotty tags, $8 from Aero Plus, Shop 5, upper level, Southgate, and 543a Bridge Road, Richmond. aeroplus.com.au
Pre-loved chenille tags. These tags have no space for name and address but provide a unique identifier for your bags. No one will have one quite the same. $4.50 each plus postage from bubbachenille.com.au
ciaobellatravel.com.au sells gorgeous luggage tags in bright florals, stripes and patterns. $4.95-$12.95 plus postage.This sturdy plastic man-tag also comes in vibrant orange. $19 from RG Madden, Richmond, Carlton, Melbourne and South Melbourne. See rgmadden.com.au for address details.
My Bag Tags are designed for use on both suitcase and hand luggage to keep the two together. More than 70 designs to choose from. $15 for two from mybagtag.com.au and selected retailers.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm going to give you something

If you check the visitor counter and it says 1000, then leave a comment, email me at bubba_chenille@optusnet.com.au with your postal address and I will post you a "thank you for being my 1000th visitor and reading at my blog present!"

Please excuse the advert on my blog ,I am trying to get rid of it! Thats what happens when you touch things that you shouldn't !

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

my latest etsy purchase

Here is my latest etsy purchase,
I bought it for Coopers first birthday and haven't been able to post until his birthday! It's gorgeous and his mum is going to put it on his door.
I got it from http://masalachai.etsy.com , check out the store for yourelf and see all the delightful, original ideas for your kids or grandkids!!

signs up for The Handmade Expo

We've done it again, toiled away in the early morning sun to put this sign together.

It's such hot work!!

The Handmade Expo gets such good results from signs like this, if you know of one in your area, send us an email so we can put ourselves on the waiting list (there's always a waiting list!!) for this great advertising idea.(and no-one even honked us ! we musn't have IT any more! )

For up coming dates and info on The Handmade Expo go to http://thehandmadeexpo.blogspot.com/

Also we had a little helper today and it is his first birthday ! Yay, Happy birthday Cooper.

Monday, March 2, 2009

giveaway on brisstyle #2

Maybe I confused things in my last post...You need to go to brisstyle.blogspot.com and comment to enter the giveaway, littledivacrafts.etsy.com and myself have provided the giveaways.

Check out the new colour pants in my etsy store, a really good colour for the little man in your life! So many of the colours available are girly, so it's nice to see some masculine colours! Let me know what you think...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

giveaway on brisstyle

brisstyle.blogspot.com has just started their monthly giveaway. There are two lovely giveaways this month, one being one from moi! and the other from littledivacrafts.etsy.com. Pop over there, make a comment and you could get lucky !!

Disaster struck on Friday when I put my sewing machine and overlocker in for a service (ten years over due!), well my machine is purring like a kitten, but alas! the overlocker has gone to Janome heaven. I never realised that the poor thing was 20 years old!! ( I was thinking it was about 10 or 12!!) So now I am the proud mother of a brand new babylock!!, Yay !!! The difference is amazing and I'm telling myself I will have regular services from here on in, (at least every two years!!)

I visited glenrose patchwork in Warwick yesterday, OMG it is the best patchwork shop I have been in for some time http://glenrosepatchwork.com They have a B & B too with the quaintest little cottages. They also host retreats, fully catered for, (the smell of the cooking was divine, I wanted to stay for lunch!!), maybe some of us should organise something, meet up, spend a night or two, sew, do a winery trip etc.. Having the shop on hand could be dangerous. I couldn't resist some delicious fabric....