Monday, May 31, 2010

Introducing Eco, Body, Wash, Cloths

I would like to introduce to you my new cloths..Ta Dah !

Firstly though... a couple of weeks ago I thought I would name them Body Cloths, but after thinking about it, that narrows the possibilities down to one use.

Then I thought Wash Cloths was the way to go, alas I'm too much of a thinker !

So now I think they shall be known to the world as ECO CLOTHS.

These ECO CLOTHS are all made from VINTAGE CHENILLE, all preloved, pre washed bedspreads.

The variety of fabrics is huge and being the nature of vintage, not easy to take orders, unless luck has it that I have exactly what you are after.

Their uses are many and varied, here's some examples but I'm sure you'll come up with lots of your own,

baby wash cloth, Great baby shower gift,

dish cloth, Great kitchen tea gift or stocking filler for Christmas,

general wiping in kitchen, laundry and bathroom,

great body cloth with exfoliating properties in the bathroom.

If you are using a knitted or crotched cloth at the moment, why not try the ECO CLOTH.

It's one way to help the environment!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

MMMMM Delicious !

I was doing some blog surfing this afternoon when I had a light bulb moment reading Pips blog! It brought back memories of child hood and my mothers cooking.

I had to drop everything, sprint to the kitchen and make some Potato Latkes.

They were so yummy, except I think my mums were yummier !

But doesn't everything always taste better when someone else cooks it ?

Mr bubba enjoyed the hell out of it and then finished off the whole batch.

Friday, May 28, 2010


If you aren't on Facebook then you wouldn't know about all the great SALE items I have at the moment so I thought I'd list a couple here on my blog, then I can just share it on FB !
If you are on Facebook, you can scroll down on my FB page to view the unsold items.

I have reduced two pairs of girls pants,

Light Mauve vintage chenille are a size 3, the length is 15" or (38cm), they have cuffs and a button on each side attatching the cuff. They also have a white chenille star appliqued on one leg with a yo yo and button sewn in the middle of the yo yo.
Normal price is $25,
SALE PRICE for facebook and blog is $15,
Postage is $3 for Australian customers or you can pick up from Handmade Heaven, in Ipswich.
Scoot me a message or email for payment details if you would like these.

The second pair is a hot pink vintage chenille size 4,
The length is 20" (51cm ), these have a navy paisley trim around the hem, a matching yo yo and a hot pink reclaimed covered button in the middle of the yo yo.
Normal price is $25,
SALE PRICE for facebook and blog is $15.
Postage is also $3 for Australian customers or you can pick up from Handmade Heaven in Ipswich.
Once again just contact me for payment details if your little one would like to get into these for winter!

Both are vintage chenille, 100% cotton, funky, durable and easy care !

Thursday, May 27, 2010

This Ones for Janie !

Hi Janie if you're out there, I finally got around to sewing you this little purse you wanted,

Not much bigger than a credit card so you could easily fit it in your pocket !

Hope it's small enough, the zipper was sooooo much fun to do.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I am having a SALE over on my Facebook Page at the moment.
I have started off with bibs, burper, teddy,brooches and buttons.
There will be more to come until I clear some stock to make way for new range.
I will be clearing bags, purses, luggage tags, chenille covered notebooks, cushion covers and maybe a bathmat or two and even some sewing / craft related books!
This will be on going until I have reduced my one ofs and discontinued items.
Have I forgotton anything you may like to see on sale ?
Leave a comment and I'll see if I need to clear something you may want !
What a great way to have a sale !
Click on the Facebook Page link above and I'll see you over there!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vintage finds on etsy

I am constantly inspired by my peers in a Brisbane Etsy team I am in called Brisstyle.

I'm sure you've heard me speak of them before.

Today I thought I'd have a go at making an Etsy Treasury to share the love of Vintage Fabrics and other re purposed items.

Brisstyle is having their first "Eco" Market on 10th July which I will keep you informed of, but in the mean time here's a sneak peek of some of the sorts of things you can expect to find.

There will be so much more than this, but you'll have to come along for yourself to see all the wonders that clever women create !

Hre's the link to my Treasury on Etsy..

click here

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Winner as promised..

Hi everyone,
Thanks so much to all who entered my giveaway in the Worldwide Giveaway with Sew Mama Sew.
It was a massive result for me and I have found some gorgeous new blogs along the way!
I did the Random Generator, which included three peeps who commented on a different post, (that was Ok with me ! ) and number 83 was chosen and the winner is.........
Jamie Mueller, I have sent an email to you Jamie so you can scoot me your preferences of colour and your postal address.
It seems Jamie has a couple of gorgeous looking blogs too if you'd like to say hi ! This one and this one.

Thanks again everyone, I'll be back next week after I get over todays very successful Baby Bazaar!

Oh P.S, I do sell the odd vintage chenille fat quarter if you need to purchase in small amounts for your smaller projects instead of buying a big full bedspread and having it take up your stash space. I also buy bedspreads if you have any to sell.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

GiVe AwAy #2

6 am, Here I am and totally overwhelmed by all the blog love out there!
I will get to have a look at everyones blog before the giveaway finishes, thanks so much for leaving your comments, I had every intention of answering everyones entry personally, BUT had no idea that it would be this MASSIVE for me.
Please accept this as my personal thanks. Thanks.

I also forgot to mention when the giveaway closes ! I will be away over night so I am going to stretch it out til Saturday 4pm, Australian time.

Thanks again to Sew Mama Sew for this wonderful event.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Give Away

Well the anticipation is over as bloggers all over the world prepare and post their giveaways.

I will be giving away 4 vintage chenille fat quarters in a nice little pack I will put together similar to the above picture but I will choose colours to your liking for the winner.

To be in the giveaway, you need to follow my blog and let me know your favourite colour so I can make up your giveaway pack.

Please go and visit some new blogs too and enter their giveaways from the Sew Mama Sew blog!

Wishing you all good luck and I hope you win something !

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Handmade Expo This Saturday

Hello everyone,

This months Handmade Expo Market is almost upon us again.

The largest handmade market in Ipswich is on this Saturday 8am - 2pm,The Ipswich Turf Club, Brisbane Rd, Bundamba and will come alive again with lots of creative people who have been working hard all month for you, making lots of new and enticing goodies for the discerning shopper.

Adding to our expanding range of goods on offer, we now have 2 local farmers offering mainly local produce at each market. The quality is lovely too.

Most of our regular stallholders will be there, plus some new and different ones also.

Enjoy a coffee, dutch pancakes, cupcakes, BBQ, biscuits and slices, some cheese or olives, and much more, there is plenty of seating for you to enjoy a break in your shopping or catch up with friends for morning tea.

If you have a moment we'd love for you to fill out our customer survey on our blog to let us know how you think we are going and some more of your thoughts towards the market.

Click here to go to The Market blog

And last but not least, The QLD Rail Pioneer Steam Train will be running short rides thoughout the market for a reduced ticket price. Each ride lasts around 30 minutes and if you haven't enjoyed this experience in a while or not at all, It's great to support this local attraction as they are all volunteers and really rely on everyones support to be able to keep the train running. (Poor things are up at 3am lighting the fires).

Hope to see you Saturday.
Feel free to pass this on to everyone you know...we really appreciate you helping us in getting The Handmade Expo out there, we dont want anyone to miss out !

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ta Dah !

These two yummies will be available at The Handmade Expo Market on Saturday
8am -2pm, Ipswich Turf Club, Brisbane Rd, Bundamba.
Now to try and work on some boy ones, Green and Blue ? Brown and Orange ? What colours should I do for little boys rooms ? I really need help with this dilema !

Monday, May 10, 2010


No I'm not talking the about the Molly Meldrum version !

I'm talking about the 5 sleeps variety until The Handmade Expo Market this coming Saturday.

Once again the race is on to have everything organised for the next bubbachenille stall as well as all our work done in organising the market. My plan is to be very quiet this week in blogland but probably over do it on facebook so that everyone knows about the market , so we'll see how that pans out!

The Brisstyle Mother and Child market on Saturday was a superb day, lovely customers, good sales and being able to spend the day with Liesa and surrounded by all the other lovely Brisstylettes was a treat for me. My bunting, which is new addition to my range was popular so I'll be putting some more of those together this week, matching up some different colour ways. I have some ready to go in pinks and pale spearminty type greens and unusual chenille patterns.

I'll leave you with a couple of photos from Saturdays market and pop in another plug for The Handmade Expo Market on Saturday whilst I'm here.

Dont forget about our incentive this month too, promoting the Handmade Expo Market can net you some great deals on your site fee if you are a stallholder and some market spending money if you are a customer. See the blog for details about how to get into this incentive offer. We also have a feedback survey in the sidebar of our blog which we'd love you to fill out if you have a minute. There is one for customers and one for stallholders. Let us know what you think ?

The Handmade expo Market,

Saturday May 15th,

Ipswich Turf Club,

Brisbane Rd, Bundamba,

8am - 2pm, Free entry, Free parking,

Steam Train Rides,

Up to 100 stalls of Handmade goods, Gourmet Fresh, Coffee,

Something for everyone !

This is moi with the Brisstyle Fairy, Isn't she delightful ! (Does that ray of light mean something ?)

See you on Saturday !

Friday, May 7, 2010

Worldwide Giveaway Coming Soon

I thought I wasn't going to be blogging again until after the weekend,
But then I found this worldwide giveaway that I want to sink my teeth into.
If you would like to be involved in the giveaway too, then click on the link at the top of the sidebar for all the details.
I will be giving away some delicious fabric and maybe some other surprises too !
I was involved in one of these last year and let me tell you , you get to meet a whole lot of new and wonderful creative people, It's awesome !

Thursday, May 6, 2010

More preparations and a blog win !

Oh Wow, Look what just arrived in the mail, Can you see how gorgeous the little brooch, lavender sachet made from vintage wallpaper and zip purse are? Let me tell you they are better in the flesh !

Thanks so much Alyssa.

Why not pop over to Alyssas website and have a look at all her pretties.

I better show you my last minute sew ups for Saturdays special Brisstyle market while I'm here.. I will be listing them in my etsy store as soon as I finish talking to you. My etsy store will be on holidays so I can take everything to market and re open probably Sunday.

These ones are a size 1, cute hey ?

These are a size 1 also...
These are a size 3 for the big bubbas !

And... it would be neglectful if I didn't show you this to dool over for a couple of days.....

The darkest purple I have ever seen, It will make up a treat, ( next week )

Thats all from me for a few days, with the Mothers and Children Market on Saturday and Mothers Day on Sunday, puttting up The Handmade Expo market signs on Sunday too, I wont be back for a few days.. Hope to see you Saturday!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I cant help myself !

I just had to blog again today because I'm soooo excited about this parcel I got in the mail from whimsie dots. I was amazed at first when I saw Mandys etsy store and blog, I had no idea there were so many patterns in vintage sheets available.

If you love this sort of thing, no doubt you'll already be over there having a look around !

We dont seem to get this variety here in Australia.

What do people do with their no longer required vintage sheets ?

The op shops only have one or two decent ones on random occaissions, at least hardly ever when I'm visiting!

Now to work out what to do with these lovelies....ponder..

I think I will simply drool over them for a while, caress them even, like I do when I get a heap of vintage buttons, or special vintage chenille bedspreads.

Maybe they'll just look great in my stash for a while and I'll just know what to do with them when the perfect project presents itself !
Glad I have joined in the Australian vintage sheet fat quarter swap over here, there maybe even more different ones to add to my new collection. There's still time if you want to join in too.


I have been very neglectful ( and very busy ) not to have told you about a recent win I had.

The lovely Simone picked me to receive a copy of this mag with lots of cool beach goodness in it.

Simone has a lovely blog called Beach Vintage, where you'll always find the most amazing vintage op shop finds, mostly of the pretty nature and oodles of awesome decorating loveliness.

Please pop over and say hi if you haven't met before, she is very welcoming.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother and Child Brisstyle Market Part 2

Along with a selection of Brisstyles beautiful handmade goodies not only for mum but for the kiddies too, there will be some other super cool stuff to keep the whole family entertained !

While mum is off browsing amongst the stalls, the kids can head off to get their faces painted, and then pop into the hall and enter our super cool colouring competition ( for the chance to win 3 X $25 vouchers to be spent at ANY Brisstyle members store/market stall.)

Dad can grab a sausage and a drink and have a little sit down in the church grounds, and if it's more food you are after there will be Fairy Floss and Boutique Snow cones too.

We will also have our very own Brisstyle Faerie wandering the grounds to keep the little ones entertained with lots of bubbles, balloons and laughter.

Cant wait to see you there!

Please pass on to all your friends !

Mother and Child Market this Saurday

This Saturday 8th May, I will be packing up all my creations to take to the Brisstyle Mother and Child Market.

If you live in South East Qld or Northern NSW I can tell you you wont be dissapointed if you come along.

There'll be masses of Handmade stalls for all things relating to mums and kids. You can check out all the stallholders attending here.

My market helper Liesa will be coming too for all info on Handmade Heaven and The Handmade Expo, she will be chatting to all interested.