Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Handmade Expo Market

I have been spending as much time as possible in my studio preparing for The Handmade Expo Market this saturday.
Stocking up on ECO Cloths,
Heat Packs and Hobo Pants.

You can find details for the market here and here too.

Excitement is building for this market ( held monthly ) as each month we grow with new stallholders, making beautiful handmade goods.

We have some great foodies coming this month too, you can practically have a three course meal and drinks!

The Pioneer Steam Train will be running again through out the market for short trip of approx. half an hour at reduced fares for market goers.

If you live in South East Queensland and love handmade, then this is the place to be on Saturday.

Like us on Face book, come to the market, mention Facebook to bubbachenille or Handmade Heaven and go into the draw to win a voucher to spend at The Handmade Expo market.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Little Curious ?

The lovely Maleena from Curiouser and Curiouser has a quick interview of moi on her blog.
She is very generous of her promotion of Handmadies and is much appreciated.
Maleena is throwing caution to the wind in a couple of weeks and packing up her family and taking them off to Florence, Italy for three months.
I am soooo jealous and really want to go too....
You can follow her adventures here.
Thanks Maleena. X

Monday, June 14, 2010

Washing Macines DO eat socks and I have proof..

Recently, after helping my daughter with the folding, it frustrated me when there were so many un partenered socks at the end of the job.

She then produce a shoe box full of lots more unpartenered socks collected, I would say over maybe a two year period ! She says it just happens ! It never happened to me, Oh well, I sifted through them all and paired up what I could, but we still had lots of odd ones left over!

Today I was pulling washing out of the machine, and guess what happened ? The machine literally ATE a sock! Yep as I was pulling the clothes out, putting them into the basket, one tiny grandbabys sock jumped up and dove down behind the bowl. Well really it didn't dive, it was eaten by the machine. Luckily Mr bubba was able to tip the machine over, scrounge around with his hand to find it resting in the innards of the machine ! Heaven forbid I should ever lose a sock !

So machines do really eat socks !

This is how interesting my long weekend was after the 3 Grandchildren went home after their sleepover!

Thanks Lindsay for the use of your photo,

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Creative Space

I thought I'd give My Creative Space a go this week as I have been busting to tell you about my new pants...well not MY new pants but the ones I'm making for little boys.

After some discussion with Kylie we decided the name of these pants from here on in shall be known as the HOBO pants.

When I was going to a patchwork and quilting group a few years ago, you need hand work to do whilst chatting away with your table mates.

So I started making one inch finished squares on papers and sewing them together and making nine patches.

The theme of my quilt was going to be tartans, stripes and checks, they could be woven or printed fabric, I didn't care as long as it was cotton. People would give me bits and pieces from their stash all the time ! You see they could really give me their scraps because I was the crazy woman cutting up tiny squares.

Well short story long I have heaps and heaps of these squares and really wanted to use them,I knew I wasn't going to ever get to that quilt, so I thought about how I could use them in my work today.

I wanted something different too that I knew no one else could possibly ever have, to embellish my vintage chenille pants...

So I offer you the HOBO pants for my creative space and will try to do it again next week too!

Why not pop over to Kirstys and look at all the really creative people.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Clever People Challenge

A while ago I won a spot in a challenge run by Handmade Kids.
It was called the Clever People Challenge, even though I dont really feel very clever.
Now that all the "clever people" have been revealed all the items made are up for a silent auction to raise money for a very worthy cause.
I'd love it if you could go and check out Handmade Kids blog and if you love something put in a bid.

You never know, everyone bidding has a chance to take something unique home.

Making signs

Yesterday we made this new sign to promote our next Handmade Expo Market on Sat 26th June.
It was a lot of fun sharing it with Micky who usually works on sign day!
We couldn't let the opportunity go by without some record of the event.
Thanks for helping Micky X O

Monday, June 7, 2010

Market wrap up

Although it was a beautiful day in Brisbane on Saturday, the cold evenings were on the minds of all my lovely customers when purchasing my heat packs.
I think they also appreciate the vintage chenille they are made from and how snuggly they are!

What beautiful winter weather we had on Saturday for the Brisstyle Market. I couldn't get around to have a good look at all the stalls as Mr bubba was the hired help for the day and he's really only good at lifting things at the beginning and the end ! ( do you get my drift ? )

I did manage to get a shot of my view though.

What a gorgeous setting and a beautiful church.

I managed to get a shot of my lovely neighbour too.

I wil be back at Hamilton on July 10th for a themed Brisstyle market, and the theme is all things " ECO", so I'll fit right in with the majority of my creations being made from recycled vintage fabrics. I will also have lots of vintage fabric for sale including chenille and vintage sheeting. I will also have some vintage buttons and some scap packs packaged up especially for applique and scrap booking.

This is the first "ECO" market for Brisstyle and will be a great destination to do some real vintage shopping.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I am just popping off here tonight for some gorgeous retail therapy!

What a lovely way to spend an evening !

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More new goodies

Today I have been working on some more new goodies especially for the Brisstyle Market on Saturday and some to put into Handmade Heaven also.

I got my hands on the most delicious chenille recently and couldn't wait to chop it all up !

The bottom three are off to Handmade Heaven tomorrow for a short visit and if not sold will come with the top ones to market.

Where are you going to be ?

The Brisstyle Indie Designers Market is on again this coming Saturday 5th June.

If you are in SE QLD, I hope you dont miss out on all the gorgeous items on show and up for sale.

The market is always such a HOOT, I'd hate for you to miss out on anything!

I'll be there with 60 or 70 of my fellow Brisstyle members, I'll be showing off my ECO CLOTHS for the first time..

Come and say hello if you know me from here or here or here, you are all friends, some I've met, some I'm still waiting to meet ! :-)