Monday, December 21, 2009

Ok I'm done !

The tree is up and decorated, my fave and gold!

The pressies are wrapped and under the tree !

I made all my gift tags from last years Christmas cards!

Mr bubba had to get his pressie early cos we need it for over the holidays!

This one was a hundred years old and we just couldn't go on with it any more !

Then because everything seems to be in order, cleaned and ticked off my list (well until I need to get all the last minute foodie things , like Townsville Tigers and Sweetlip) I thought I'd retreat to my studio and get creative.

Yes it is a door stop, I only had enough wheat left in my stash to fill half of it, so I put rice in to fill the rest and lots of Lavender, mmmmm smells divine.

Who knows if I'll get to post again, being so busy and all, So I would really like to wish you all a tuely lovin, happy and peace filled Christmas.

I have virtually met so many wonderful blogettes this year and wish we could share some Christmas cheer together, you know in real life ! I know there is a blogette meetup in Melbourne next year and wish I could go too, maybe we'll have to have another blogette lunch sooner than later !

I finally put something on my "bucket list" too !

I want to go to America with a group of like minded people, people who love craft, patchwork, quilt shows and craft exhibitions, who love buying fabric etc etc, Maybe for two weeks, maybe a tour, any one else have this on their list ?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

If you love vintage, pop over here...

If you are in love with vintage everything, pop over here, check this blog out and enter giveaway! This is a great blog to follow!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I won these !

Thanks for reminding me Kylie,( Pic off Kylies blog) I too won some of these lovely upcycled giftags, Bec was feeling soo generous. Sorry forgot to take a pic before I used them ( naughty! )

Any hoo I too won this giveaway from little brown dog. Thanks Bec.

Bec made these from upholstry fabric sample book, (wouldn't I love to get my hand on one of those babies!) I really did use them already !

If you're reading you know who you are that has received one of these!

Vintage Chenille Bathmat - by bubbachenille on madeit

Vintage Chenille Bathmat - by bubbachenille on madeit

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

bubbachenille pre Xmas SALE on NOW at Handmade Heaven

Yep you read that right!
I am having a sale in Handmade Heaven.
Lots of reductions,
be quick,
never to be repeated prices to make way for 2010 stock.
Online transactions at Handmade Heaven available through paypal.
Grab a bargain.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Listings from me on Madeit

I haven't listed on madeit for ages and seeing the holidays are coming up, with not much selling going on at markets, I thought I'd start listing some items. I'll do some more on etsy soon too.
For now here is my madeit store if you want to have a look !

Monday, December 14, 2009

I won this !

Last week this giveaway win arrived in the mail. Cherie from " I'm over it " was most generous in her giveaway, thanks again Cherie, and drew my name as the winner ! I also received a bag of vintage laces which I am going to put to use in the New Year in some new projects I have baking in my brain!

I certainly wont be "stuck" on any "how to's in my sewing future ! The book is massive and covers everything one would ever need to know about sewing ! Maybe I should pass this on to my daughters, who cant sew a button on ! That's what mums are for right ?

Whilst I'm here I must tell you about last Saturdays Market ( brought to you by the Handmade expo ).

I think we had our biggest crowd ever as when I opened the doors at 8am, I couldn't get across to the other side where my stall was for all the lovely customers. There were so many new faces which was lovely to see, I'm sure they will be converted now ! Everyone leaving seemed to have an arm full of purchases too, Our stallholders will be happy !

It's a while before our next Market on the 20 th February so this will give all our stallholders a chance to restock, redesign and create lots of new things over the break, ready for a bigger and better year ahead.

The Market next year will see lots of new initiatives evolve to keep it moving forward and encouraging lots of new customers along, who may not have experienced the whole Handmade world yet! ( hard to believe that there are some who haven't ) The Market will be offering something too good to pass up ! So please watch this space or start following The Markets Blog so you can be totally up to date on whats going to be happening, all the dates etc.

A huge break between markets mean you may be having withdrawal symptoms for handmade items, Pop over to Handmade Heaven on line or pop down to The Old Flour Mill, Brisbane St, Ipswich to shop in person. You will find the greatest variety of handmade goods on offer from many different people from all over Australia (moi included )

Monday, December 7, 2009

The whole year down and one to go !

Well Saturdays Brisstyle market went beautifully, thanks to the girls organising, they did a wonderful job as usual.

I am still recovering and can hardly look at my sewing machine at the moment! I will be at The Handmade Expo this coming Saturday, 12th December 8am - 2pm, Ipswich Turf club, Bundamba.

This is my last market for the year, then no more until Feb, when I'll probably be chomping at the bit to get there. At the moment though, (sigh )... well it has been a long year. I have put that marquee up about 20 times and I'll have to pull everything I have inside to do it one more time! I am excited though, Just on the inside at the moment, I'm still a bit tired but by Saturday I'll be rearing to go !

Liesa from Handmade Heaven will be having a stall next to me as well so pop by and say hi ! and check out all the handmade lovlies we have between us ! Say hi to Micky too from Handmadies.

Here's a couple of pics from Saturday.

Friday, December 4, 2009

only 17 hours to go !

That's right folks, If you are in South East Queensland tomorrow, you wont want to miss this Market.

I will have a stall, just as you walk in the grounds.

Please come and say hi, or do what some other bloggy buddies did in Victoria last weekend and wear a pink yo yo so we'll recognise you as a fellow blogger !

See you tomorrow with bells on !

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Blogette Lunch Happy Times !

Yesterday Micky, Liesa and I hosted a little lunch for some blogettes to get together and meet each other.

We had food...

We had a gift swap...

We had a swim...
We had some laughs and there was NO alcohol involved (just uneven ground ! )..
Thanks to these lovely blogettes for coming along and giving us all a day off crafting/working or whatever it is we normally do ! It was fun and we should do it again soon!

Liesa ...Handmade Heaven

Micky ..Handmadies

Bec ..Little Brown Dog

Lisa T .. Sunny Street Designs

Kylie ..Created by Kylie

Kelly.. Purple Paisley Patch

Becky .. Swift Jan

Kim .. Cuggles

Gemma ..Gemma Joy

Special thanks to Gemma and Kelly who came from absolutely miles away to join in the fun.