Tuesday, September 28, 2010

GIVEAWAY TIME Extended to 12th October

I have been checking out all my stats lately and have been looking for a reason to have a giveaway. I decided there were actually lots of reasons to have a giveaway! The fact that I am close to 1700 friends on facebook, nearly 300 posts on my blog, the fact that I just appreciate feedback, comments and new blogging buddies is enough reason dont you think ?
So a big thanks to my followers and friends :-)

I'd love to give a $30 voucher to spend on bubbachenille goodies, choose anything you like from bubbachenille on madeit, etsy, ethikl, craftumi, facebook album, something you've seen on my blog, something in Handmade Heaven, whatever you'd like ! ( no custom orders though sorry )
The giveaway will go for 1 week. I will draw it by random generator on Tuesday 5th October.

So here are the rules, yep there's always rules but they aren't hard rules, dont worry!
Just do any two of the following,

suggest me to friends on facebook,
become a follower on my blog
link my giveaway on your blog
share my giveaway on facebook
link The Handmade Expo in a blog post
link Handmade Heaven in a blog post
suggest Handmade Heaven to friends on facebook
suggest The Handmade Expo to friends on facebook
use the event invite to The Handmade Expo Market on facebook and invite friends to come along

If you have already done 2 of these just leave me a comment and you'll be in the draw.
Good luck !


Selina said...

Congrats on all those fabulous stats! You can count me in for this fab giveaway! You know I already follow, and am forever linking handmade heaven and the expo in my blog posts ;)

Shame there are no custom orders though as a prize, I would love to get you to make me some of those cowboy pants!! hehe!

Spoil and Indulge said...

All done Miriam. Congratulations on the stats. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

lil' red said...

Yay for amazing followers and friends! I think i qualify, as i follow you everywhere (stalker? hehe) and have just invited a bunch more friends to 'like' handmade heaven and handmade expo on fb. i'll also make sure we do a shoutout for handmade expo in one of giuseppe's blog posts asap!
katie xox

tatgurl said...

Congrats on the awesome stats!! I'm a follwer and I suggested Handmade Expo to friends on facebook! Yeah for giveways!

jknee said...

congrats mumma count us in we tell everyone about handmade expo handmade heaven and of course you xx

Debby-Lee said...

hi :)
I shared you giveaway on my "that curious cat" facebook page. And shared next Expo on my personal page. I frequently link Handmade Heaven on my blog :)


Claire said...

Congrats on your stats, you should be very proud!
Follower and Suggester here

Claire Ryder
Atoxim at gmail dot com

Cute as Buttons said...

Follower and loyal linker. Now, what to choose! Lisa x

alipink said...

Oooh, am I too late? I'm a facebook fan and hope I'm in with a chance to win some delicious BubbaChenille goodies :-)

Eliza said...

Guess I missed this! It was good to see you at the market :)

Terri said...

Well done on all of this Miriam!
I have liked and suggested Handmade Expo, Handmade Heaven and you/Bubbachenille. I have been eyeing off your stuff for ages and had it in my head that my kids are too big to buy them some of your gorgeous stuff - until I looked at my son and realised he is still wearing size 4!
- I really have been distracted lately!!!
I can't wait to see what new stuff you bring to Christmas in the Country (Nov. 5 and 6 in Gatton - for anyone who reads this and has not seen our promo stuff).

dash robin said...

Shall follow and link toot sweet! Am
loving loving loving my new wheat pack and have fingers toes crossed, gotta be in it, to win it :0) xo Kate

ChallenCharms said...

I follow your facebook and linked your giveaway through my facebook page (which also links into twitter) - check out http://facebook.com/challencharms