Wednesday, March 11, 2009

bubbachenille heat packs

Finally I have been able to purchase wheat from my supplier again. They were out of it for four days, this may not seem a long time to some but my whole week was planned around wheat!!

You see unless you come to you probaly wouldn't know that I make heat packs by the million, (also I go to a couple of other markets here in Toowoomba.)

I have had an order for 30 that I finished last week, but I have four really big markets, maybe six (depending on the weather and my stock levels) between now and the 10th May, thats only about 7 weeks. Anyhoo I managed to get through 40 kilos last week and got through 40 kilos this morning. I'm the one keeping the wheat farmers in business! By the way the price of wheat has reduced but you dont see the price of bread going down !

This is why we love heat packs;

they relieve sore sewing neck muscles, shoulder and back muscles,

they keep your feet warm when hubby works away,

they are great for warming babys cot or small childs bed (we dont do electric blankets),

they are great for womens tummy pains,

little puppies and kittens like to be kept warm too.

If you have one of your own you will have a favourite use for one, we love them in our family!

Empty wheat bags that I am trying to find a use for....ideas please ?

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