Monday, March 30, 2009

after two markets

I went back to back with two markets on the weekend, Well I am just beginning to feel human again !

So tired, so tired !! BUT OH BOY WAS IT FANTASTIC !!
I had the greatest response to my new "collection" and just sold so much that I will be busy forever !

I have The Handmade Expo on Saturday in Goondiwindi, so only have a couple of days to do some extra stocking up. Now that I know my new ideas are going to be liked enough for people to buy I can get focussed on that creative journey.
My daughters have put orders in for "boy stuff" in my new range, so they'll be the guinea pigs and I'll need to change my ideas as I mainly tend to follow the pinks ! ( I have three grandsons under 4 !) I'll let you know if I get any boy stuff done for this coming weekend.

Seems like lots of us had a busy market weekend. I have another market next weekend and one the weekend after so I'd better get cracking and stop rambling on !

Happy creating Girls !

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CurlyPops said...

Congratulations! You must be exhausted after two days straight.
I'm thinking about what I can make for the next one exciting!