Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vintage chenille in blue anyone?

I'm loving the parcel person lately, I'm even on a first name basis with Donna now after the amount of deliveries I get, if she goes on holidays or doesn't win the next tender I don't know what I'll do !! ha, ha.

Today I received this beautiful blue chenille bedspread and because I needed a backdrop to show off the other lovlies that arrived today I have used this bedspread to showcase the gorgeous lovliness from FINKI. How amazing are her creations? There is a sewing basket made from pages from former sewing book and a to die for little pincushion that was an added extra, ( naughty but nice Finki ! ) After you've looked at the pics why dont you check her blog and etsy store out.

Remember I told you I had to go to The Handmade Expo meeting yesterday? Well we had a hard day, discussing all manner of things !!

MMMMM Cream buns, I haven't had them since I was at High school ! ( some 30 odd years ago ! )

There always has to be fudge when anything to do with The Handmade Expo is going on !

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Trish Goodfield said...

Did you break the bun in half and scoop the cream out and put it all on one half?