Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bits of everything !

Well I haven't dissapeared of the planet, yet!

Just been busy creating for a wholesale order that was waiting for me when I got back from Woodlands market on Sunday. What a beautiful day it was...I'm not suddenly going to be a millionaire but the niceness of the day makes up for that ! Heres a pic of the gorgeous mansion.

And heres a pic of my stall.

The Handmade Expo provided 23 stalls of handmade lovliness for the day and we all set up on the grassed area along the path .

Speaking of Granny squares ! ( ha ha ) and me doing some linen changing for the coming colder nights I found and remembered this blanket my mum made for me. She has made one for everyone in the family, each different and each one with the owners initials crotched in it.

Now if you dont get a rug then you definately get a pair of knitted slippers !

And here's what I've been working on, still have to put the zips in these... All have either one or two strips of vintage chenille front and back mmmm yummo !

These are for my order.. I made 12 of these vintage chenille cushion covers, not all for the order, but I figure if you are doing a few you may as well do a dozen !, these are going to a store in Sydney and some purses too. I'll tell you more about the store when I get some photos of the shop.

And these.. Does anyone recognise some of the fabric, I have used some I got from tinniegirl and some I got from Calamity Janes !

Before I forget, could you go over to Brisstyle please and enter the fab giveaway, time is running out ! and there are two great giveaways and all you have to do is leave a comment on the blog...go for it... nothing to lose !
Just started raining again in sunny QLD, darn I only managed to get two out of four loads of washing dry !


Cute as Buttons said...

I love family treasures. They are the most precious things, aren't they?

mickyndan said...

I have one of those too... thanks Gma, just love the traditional blankies...


Trish Goodfield said...

My goodness you are busy at the moment. Wonderful for you.

Tinniegirl said...

That crochet blanket is gorgeous. I love the initials.

Love all the craftiness that you are getting up to as well.

Mee a Bee said...

Good for you getting some wholesale orders. I said the same thing on thw weekend "I'm going to be a millionaire - not really" but it's nice to dream :)