Tuesday, May 12, 2009

bubbachenille wins at show

What day is it?
My gosh I finally have time to post after 5 days of doing the Ipswich Show (1 day setting up and 1 day packing up !),Mothers day, admin day etc, etc. I told Mr bubba last night I had forgotton how to cook!
( I wish I could get away with that one let me tell you !)
We had such a good time though selling all 20 stallholders handmade goodies, sharing time with some of our volunteer stallholders and talking to thousands of people to promote our handmade expo http://thehandmadeexpo.blogspot.com/ . It was a pretty successful time all round. I didn't realise you could get so darn tired though !

This is what the stall looked like, only three times bigger as we had 9m X 3m.

I entered five items in the show competition and got four places, excitement plus !

Thank you to our wonderful stallholders for your support of the Handmade Expo and the Handmade industry...
Now its sewing time, YAY !


Val - Apple Cottage said...

Not surprised you feel exhausted after that big effort. And congratulations on all your winning entries.

CurlyPops said...

Congratulations! How exciting to actually win prizes.

Selina said...

Yay! How fun was it, and to win places as well, added bonus! Congrats!

The Handmade Expo said...

We always new you had a winner

Luff me

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Congratulations on your wins! Sounds like a few exhausting days. Rest up, sewing ahead!

BonTons said...

Congratulations, I bet you are tired from such a huge event, Well Done!