Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend break

Mr bubba decided Friday we would go away for the weekend. We went to Glen Innes where he is from and stayed with family, went to the dawn service etc, etc. We had the nicest time even though it was already winter there. It's amazing as it's only three and a half hours away and the difference is the difference between Autumn and Winter !

On the way home we called in on one of The Handmade Expo stallholders, Nat and Michelle AKA Bella Rosa's, a gorgeous tea room, cottage and garden centre.
They do specialise in High Teas and although we didnt indulge in this ourselves,we saw others that were and the whole thing looked delicious. We had some truely delicious cauliflower soup.
They are located right behind the Big Apple on the highway just north of Stanthorpe. Here some pics.......

Here's Michelle and Nat

It's very shabby with pink and green all over !

so quaint !

The cottage for hire for a weekend away ...

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The Handmade Expo said...

Oh how nice.
Sounds like a nice weekend...good photos too...