Tuesday, April 14, 2009

bubbachenille market update

Here are some pics from the Handmade Expo at Goondiwindi and the trip out there. It's really quite a pleasant drive from Toowoomba, only just over two hours.

This is the first time we in all our travels that we had ever seen cotton growing. Touching was so tempting, so we did!!

Here is a pic of bubbachenille site in action, well before the action started really, you just have to imagine all the people there !!
The Warwick Easter Fair was rained out about an hour before the finish time, not bad really considering it was raining all around us in other towns, it just held off long enough to hold the market, and we do need the rain! No complaints here...

If you'd like to see more pics and info on The Handmade Expo heres the blog!


See you in the sewing room !!

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The Handmade Expo said...

Fabulous update.
Loved the trip to Gundy...very successful and what a great little town...hope to get back there in September for Gourmet in Gundy.