Wednesday, April 15, 2009

bubbachenille de-stash for craft fair in Ipswich

We at the Handmade Expo have decided to hold a "supply" fair. We have so many people enquiring about selling supplies at our Handmade Expo we thought it was time to cater for their needs and all the public who come to the market actually wanting to buy supplies.

So we have started the wheels in motion and are taking expressions of interest for The Ipswich Craft and Hobby Fair. You can email if you or a business or someone you know might be interested in having a stall, maybe share with a craft friend and clear out your crafting clutter ! Pop on to the blog for more info .

I have decided to have a really good cleanout and already I can see myself filling a table of all sorts of things that I no longer like, that dont inspire me, or are from a phase I was going through etc, etc.

Chenille (ofcourse! ) buttons, fabric, wooden items, lace, (so much lace!). The only thing now that I have decided to have a stall is wrapping and pricing everything...It takes forever... But just imagine what I can replace it all with if it sells !!

Also I have a couple of requests, If anyone reading this knows of a place to buy bulk thingys to make covered buttons, could you let me know please.

The other thing is if anyone can help me out with plain chenille bedspreads I am always looking for them ( as you can imagine ! ) I'll naturally pay a fair price and pay for postage.

Happy crafting :)

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Christina Lowry said...

I went looking in my local op-shops for chenille for you today. I'm afraid I didn't find a single piece! I did manage to find all other kinds of goodies though! I will continue to keep my eye out for you!