Friday, April 10, 2009

bubbachenille at Easter Craft Fair Warwick

Easter is finally here and I have been booked into this market for ever ( so it seems! ) and it's finally here, well tomorrow anyway !

My market going together friend rang me today and asked if I was going to brave it as rain is forcast, "well ofcourse" I said, "we've driven to markets in the rain and when we get there it miraculously stops raining so we can set up , have a good day and go home again in the rain !! "

Seriously !! It's true.. trust me ..

I haven't been sewing all week up until 2.30 today to sit at home cos rain is forcast !! I want to introduce my new collection to the world!! Well to Warwick anyway, baby steps, baby steps.

The family picnic for Sunday is all organised, the fridge overflowing with all sorts of delights, sourced from all over the town, cant wait for that.

We have chosen a park with a very special spiral slide in the childrens playground so I will let you know how the two one year olds and the three year old enjoys that ! Just hope none of the parents, grandparents or great grandparents get stuck in it while rescueing any scardy cats !! The Easter Bunny will be in attendance and I'm hopeing there will be lots of other children there too as I have gone way overboard with eggs for an egg hunt !!

Have a nice Easter everyone! Hope there is lots of chocolate !

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Little Diva said...

Good luck at the Markets tomorrow - not that you need it ! I hope the weather holds out.

Happy Easter. xo