Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nearly Ready for Expo

So I have spruced up my market table cloth with hot pink chenille fringe, the old fringing was getting a bit daggy!

I have packed the singlets, cushions, burpers, luggage tags, hats and misc bits of other stuff.

I wanted to show you my range of funky colours before I pack the clothes rail up ! We got the clothes stand at an Antique shop last Saturday for $10 and I thought it was a bargain!

So here we have the lime greens, particulaly gorgeous with navy spot and navy paisley, on the right we have soft pinks and so many colours go with this, specially liking the pale green and rosebuds.

Skirts now made in sizes 1 through to 4. They are $18, All the pants are $20 and are made in sizes 0 through to 4.

Next we have the mid to hot pinks, ever popular and some new very pale shabby lemon and pale citrus green, just to die for girls !

Now you've got your ever popular aquas and other blues and some new mauves and pinky purplies...

The old faves are still with us, with a seemingly endless supply of oranges and browns and some other shades of green.

And last but not least....the other colours, creams and beiges, caramels and red ( mainly save for xmas but it's a stray! )

Plenty to chose from anyway ! There are also the famous heat packs in nearly all these colours and we are needing those right now here in sunny Queensland, I can tell you !

So pop by and say hi at The Handmade Expo this Saturday or if you need something I've got, then just leave a comment! If you cant get to us on Saturday you can always pop in and say hi to Liesa at Handmade Heaven, I have put a selection of goodies in there as well.

Off to pack these things now !


Sandrine said...

Myriam all those colours are beautiful...My fav is aqua with a little bit of orange;)All the best of luck for your Handmade Expo;)

Polka Dot Daze said...

Oh wow you have been busy! It all looks fabulous, I love the range of colours! Good luck!

Trish Goodfield said...

Your display looks fabulous.

Hot Fudge said...

What a wonderful selection of colours - and I love your clothes stand. Best of luck!