Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Away from Heaven

I had to leave Heaven this morning to come home to Mr bubba, after all he needs me too and he cant be having frozen stuff for tea all the time ( just when I disappear for a night or two here and there! )

Opening day at Handmade Heaven was delightful though, with lots of lovely visitors and lots of lovely sales (mine included ! Yay! ) A beautiful lady bought my first place in the Show handbag right after someone said to me "Oh how could you sell it?" So I was kind of having second thoughts, then it was gone ! Better to get it over and done with quickly I spose....
Of course I couldn't resist some things to buy for me too..

Some beautiful shabby serviettes from Sweet Tea and Roses and a Vanilla Soy Candle from Red Hot Wicks, mmmmmm delicious, 90 hours of sweet scent !

I went to the dreaded habby store that opened a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised by the service, that was yesterday but this morning before I left I couldn't drive by Bargain Box Fabrics without calling in. All their patchwork fabrics are $12 a metre or less and I am a real sucker, so I picked up a few just in case I need them !..

These are great for the trim around the bottom of pants, stars and spots, great for boys stuff !

Dont forget my Giveaway, I will draw on Sunday night, It's a painless and rewarding thing to watch the video clip on my previous post, Trust me, you'll thank me for it ! And I have been collecting some lovely little items as part of the giveaway !


Selina said...

Love Bargain Box! When in Ipswich it's a must isn't it?!

Don't know how you could sell "the bag" either!

Helen said...

Can't wait to get some time off to make a day trip out your way Miss M and especially get a slice of Handmade Heaven while I'm there.