Tuesday, June 2, 2009


A bit of a play on words there, all will be revealed !

As you may or may not know, My daughters and myself run the Handmade Expo, basically a monthly market with around one hundred stallholders selling handmade goodies only.

Daughter number one (21 minutes older than daughter number two ! ) Liesa, is about to embark on a new project and that is a retail shop aptly named Handmade Heaven. It's in Ipswich in The Old Flour Mill, a heritage listed building consisting of some very quaint little shops. Here is a pic before painting or any changes that are to be made..

Ok, this is about as cute as Handmade Heaven can get ! And the point is you can go to Handmade Heaven before you actually die !

There has been an overwhelming response with people wanting to be involved and show casing their gorgeous handmade lovliness.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, then pop over to Handmade Heaven and you'll find Liesas contact details there.

Only a couple of weeks til the Grand Opening..


The Handmade Expo said...

oh, this is so great.
Thanks Mum

Trish Goodfield said...

I started to read your post about Handmade Heaven, clicked on the link and left a comment. Just realised that I didn't finish reading so had to come back.

The Handmade Expo said...

Thanks heaps Mum.
What a great post...sorry it has taken me sooo long to comment...BEEN AT THE SHOP.
Bring on Tuesday


Hot Fudge said...

What an enterprising family you are. All the best with the new venture.