Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Giveaway time..

Well as promised I have put together numerous little goodies ( It has to be easy to post ) for potentially you, to say thanks heaps for your support in me reaching a huge milestone on Face book with 2000 likers ( already 2040)
Thats massive and I really appreciate your support.
Whether you come into mimmis, see me at The Handmade Expo Market or Mummy Tree Market, pop in to visit on line, refer me to your friends, do a class or workshop, I thank each and every one of you for your support. I am very aware that without your support, what I'm doing would not be possible and I hate to think of the alternative.. ( a real job blah yuk, been there done that ! LOL )

So it's just a massive THANK YOU and these are for you....

Now are you ready for my thank you present?
All you need do is to be a follower of my blog and facebook and leave a comment at the end of this post with your name, If you aren't on Face book dont worry cos I know you are going to follow my blog !
I will do a Random generator draw on Wednesday 11th April...just after the Easter Bunny has been.
Heres what you'll receive in the post..

Here's what's in the box of goodies,
Guest Towel with lovely crochet edge,
Vintage Doiley,
Bookmark with glass bead,
red and white heart shaped Petit Four cases from Lark
Flower earings made by Handmade by Haylz,
Painted wooden buttons,
Mix of blue and white buttons collected by moi,
Tube of coloured pencils from Lark,
Pumpkin pin cushion handmade by moi,
Crochet washcloth handmade by my mum,
Vintage chenille washcloth handmade by moi,
Oversized gift card/fridge magnet handmade by Angelic Aspirations,
Coconut and Lime wax melts handmade by NJ"S Candles
Small tin trinket box,
Handmade Keyring handmade by moi.


aimb4 said...

Congrats on reaching such a great milestone!! I Follow you on FB & now I look forward to following your Blog. What a wonderful prize you have put together - good luck everyone!!

Anonymous said...

Hi I follow you on facebook and have been to a class as well I will check out the blog too :) I love all the pretty things in your store :) Michelle Rugg

Summer of Sundays said...

following you everywhere, could be a stalker of all things beautiful, have loved you at The handmade expo for so long now and are FB friends, but much looking forward to a blog about your beautiful trends.

Anonymous said...

Hi I follow you on facebook. and now will follow your blog.. Congratulations on reaching so many likers :) sharon ford

michelle_s said...

Hi :-)
Wow, what a fantastic prize! Ive only recently come accross your page on fb and definately have liked ;-) And am now also a follower of your blog.. I am sure I will be an avid reader from now on!

Joolz said...

Well done on reaching so many likers. I follow your blog & will now go & like you on FB! Great prize!

Keryn said...

Well done on reaching such a milestone, your store is beautiful, always something unique.

RACHAEL said...

What a great giveaway! Well done on reach so many likers. I am already a blog follower :).

Anonymous said...

Fantastic job on reaching 2000 followers. I'm looking forward to coming to your workshop on the weekend and also follow you on facebook and am now following your blogs.

Kelly Buckley

amumsministry said...

Emily Bell

Hi!! Love all of your stock!!


amumsministry said...

Emily Bell

Hi!! Love all of your stock!!


Pink Owl Products said...

I follow you on fb and love all things pretty doing a workshop on Saturday and will now follow blog loving all your stock on fb sooooo pretty and we are a proud supporter of The Handmade Expo Cheers Michelle

Sam Zernike said...

I can't wait to be part of the workshop on Saturday and see your shop for the 1st time! I've visited you at the Handmade Markets and seen some of your ladies at Miss Rose Sister Violets stand at the craft show.

wendyfay said...

Following you on Facebook & on here ... Love the site & had already recommended you to a few friends before the Thank You!
Love all the 'pretties' ... :-)
I wish I lived in Brisbane, but I will try to plan my next trip to fit in with your Handmade Expo days. Wendy Maxwell. Cheers & Thanks.

wendyfay said...

Thanks for the Thank You gift. I Follow you on Facebook & on here. Usually been following you on FB, so followed you on here as well today. I have sent a few friends to you ... as I love all your pretties ... :-) Wendy Maxwell. Cheers & Thanks... Wendy :-)

Dianne said...

Congratulations on reaching that milestone! And what a lovely giveaway

The Handmade Expo and Handmade Heaven said...

Hooray and congrats Mum...I would love to win this but totally understand if I am not eligible LOl xo

hellybelly said...

I'm always thinking crafty thoughts and are truly in my element when I'm doing something creative. A few months ago I had a look in mimmis for the first time and was blown away by all the create talent and handmade goods in your shop! You've insired me to really get into some of the ideas buzzing around in my head! I really look forward to your posts on facebook! God bless! - Helen Boughen

Jeanie Rose said...

Followed over from Facebook where I am For Heart and Home. i would sure love to come to one of your exclusive nights but alas just toooo far away though Brissy is on the cards later this year. Judi

tateau said...

Amanda Lyons
:-) your stuff is beautiful, I always admire it

Anonymous said...

Lovely giveaway and gorgeous blog! I am following :-)

Unknown said...

OMG! love the heat packs! see you again at the next handmade expo!

hellybelly said...

Whoops forgot my email... hellybelly_87@hotmail.com

Carmel said...

Love all your stuff Mimmi, so glad my Cathie has met up with you on the journey.
Cards by Carmel.

melodydamom said...


i am now following you on your blog and was already a follower on facebook :)

congrats on reaching so many likers :)

what a lovely prize to win :)

melodydamom said...

my email address is


lil' red said...

i am a stalker from way back. congrats pretty lady!!! :)

vivi said...

well thank you for your beautiful works!!
I'm in argentina, do you think I can be a part of the giveaway?
finger crossed!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations of reaching such a fantastic milestone :)