Monday, March 19, 2012

mimmis Market wrap

There I go again not blogging for rages and rages !
I so dont want to give up my blog but I am seriously getting worse at it !
Having changed my style just a bit from when I started bubbachenille and blogging, there always seems so many other things to do!
I guess I really should change my blog name to mimmis now as I have done with my etsy store ( neglected also )
So I had a pretty good day on Saturday at The Handmade Expo considering it did seem to be fairly quiet crowd wise, no complaints here though.
Our market photographer , Krystal , was at it again taking the most heavenly shots randomly throughout the day. Here are some to entice you to perhaps pay us a visit on 21st April, either as a customer or a stall holder or maybe to pop over and visit Krystal and check out her awesome work?

Just thought I'd slip this one in too. I am having a clearance sale on my face book page. If you go to mimmis, click on "photos", then look for the " clearance sale album" There are instructions for purchasing ( paypal ) with each photo if you see something you like.

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