Sunday, February 5, 2012


Seems like the only time I get to blog these days is when I'm alone ( Mr bubba is working away) and I actually have time on my hands.

I have watched a movie, washed the car ( or someone else did while I supervised from the inside ! ), bought a few groceries and had eggs and bacon for breaky cooked by my SIL after I had a sleep over with two of my grandies !
Really rather boring day actually ! I think you need these type of days every now and again though dont you ?

I dare not hang out at Pinterest or I'll forget to eat !

I have had a week of organising dates for classes and ordering, making and unpacking masses of stock for mimmis for a busy year ahead.
Here's some pics taken recently you might like.

Half price chenille clothing rack in mimmis
New trims and braids from Miss Rose Sister Violet in background and other items ready made, using many of their new range of embellishments.
New T shirts and singlets using new trims in mimmis.
Shabby cupboard in mimmis, stocked with lovely, cushions , heatpacks and linen .
Enjoy your week, hope you get lots done ! See you on Face book !

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