Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A side ways step

Yes I have been consumed by other things, just a sideways step though, I will get to the sewing soon. The story of my life though, running around in circles is what I am really good at !

I've been gardening, after Mr bubba rotary hoed on the weekend I have been consumed by the dirt!

It's only a 3m X 3m patch but I have managed to fit all sorts of goodies in there!

Here's a pic and I'll post another when things start happening !

After dad passed away a few weeks ago, some of us decided to plant an Olive tree in his memory.

Our family goes back a long way in the history of Olives in Australia, in the days when only Greeks and Italians ate Olives, Now thats a long time ago ! My grandfather Jacob started this plantation just outside Horsham, Vic and a couple of others in the district also. My grandfather sent dad to Florence, Italy to University for two years when he was 16 years old to learn all about Olives. We planted our tree overlooking the vege patch cos dad in his younger years always loved growing veges too. Here's my tree.

Tomorrow these are coming out as they are so messy around the pool. And these will be trimmed and cleaned up.

Cos I am really over all this mess they make !

Oh and whilst I'm on the gardening subject, Look at these gorgeous Primulas.

Well, Big post, thanks for sticking with it the whole way through, Hope you found it slightly interesting...One more thing..... Selina, I did wear my runners today, and they did get sooo dirty that I had to wash them !

Now I want it to be summer so I can rest here for the rest of the day!



Selina said...

hehe. Go Us! Headed out again this morning, can I keep up the pace?!

Great idea for the olive tree, I'm sure your Dad would love it :)

beccasauras said...

Love the Olive tree, I understand that connection. When my daughter was a newborn I soent time in Mildura, and we'd taken our cat with us (not like a Dad, but still a family member). It was killed by a car, and we planted him under a new olive tree. Such a nice memory, a living thing. And a Jacaranda tree was planted on the 1st year anniversary of my friend's death, on the Gold Coast, would love to see it now!

Pam said...

Always good for the soul to take that step (sideways or otherwise) outside our boxes for a change, I think Miriam. Well done you with the garden. It looks brilliant. Something I definitely aspire to. Mine is sitting in ruins and has done for way too long now. Think it might time for a sidestep for myself! My soul is calling. Loudly!! x

The Handmade Expo and Handmade Heaven said...

Oh Mummy...I am so stoked that you have done this. A lot of hard work and time, but it will pay off very soon. Lets swap eggs for vegies soon

Dianne said...

A lovely idea to plant a memory tree Miriam. The olive tree is my husband's favourite tree and he has planted two of them. They have the most beautiful foliage. You will really enjoy some home grown veges - nothing like them. Have a great weekend Di