Thursday, May 6, 2010

More preparations and a blog win !

Oh Wow, Look what just arrived in the mail, Can you see how gorgeous the little brooch, lavender sachet made from vintage wallpaper and zip purse are? Let me tell you they are better in the flesh !

Thanks so much Alyssa.

Why not pop over to Alyssas website and have a look at all her pretties.

I better show you my last minute sew ups for Saturdays special Brisstyle market while I'm here.. I will be listing them in my etsy store as soon as I finish talking to you. My etsy store will be on holidays so I can take everything to market and re open probably Sunday.

These ones are a size 1, cute hey ?

These are a size 1 also...
These are a size 3 for the big bubbas !

And... it would be neglectful if I didn't show you this to dool over for a couple of days.....

The darkest purple I have ever seen, It will make up a treat, ( next week )

Thats all from me for a few days, with the Mothers and Children Market on Saturday and Mothers Day on Sunday, puttting up The Handmade Expo market signs on Sunday too, I wont be back for a few days.. Hope to see you Saturday!


Chasing Purple Dreams said...

oooohhh LOVE that purple!!! But I don't suppose that's much of a surprise.

I see the bridge! said...

You really are one of the luckiest people I know, I think Rosey beats you by a whisker but you are soooo lucky...well your prize and the shorts are so sweet.
Good luck on babies are a bit too big to go to that should have fun!
Kiss Noises Linda

Bianca said...

oh! those little brown star pants are gorgeous!!