Monday, May 10, 2010


No I'm not talking the about the Molly Meldrum version !

I'm talking about the 5 sleeps variety until The Handmade Expo Market this coming Saturday.

Once again the race is on to have everything organised for the next bubbachenille stall as well as all our work done in organising the market. My plan is to be very quiet this week in blogland but probably over do it on facebook so that everyone knows about the market , so we'll see how that pans out!

The Brisstyle Mother and Child market on Saturday was a superb day, lovely customers, good sales and being able to spend the day with Liesa and surrounded by all the other lovely Brisstylettes was a treat for me. My bunting, which is new addition to my range was popular so I'll be putting some more of those together this week, matching up some different colour ways. I have some ready to go in pinks and pale spearminty type greens and unusual chenille patterns.

I'll leave you with a couple of photos from Saturdays market and pop in another plug for The Handmade Expo Market on Saturday whilst I'm here.

Dont forget about our incentive this month too, promoting the Handmade Expo Market can net you some great deals on your site fee if you are a stallholder and some market spending money if you are a customer. See the blog for details about how to get into this incentive offer. We also have a feedback survey in the sidebar of our blog which we'd love you to fill out if you have a minute. There is one for customers and one for stallholders. Let us know what you think ?

The Handmade expo Market,

Saturday May 15th,

Ipswich Turf Club,

Brisbane Rd, Bundamba,

8am - 2pm, Free entry, Free parking,

Steam Train Rides,

Up to 100 stalls of Handmade goods, Gourmet Fresh, Coffee,

Something for everyone !

This is moi with the Brisstyle Fairy, Isn't she delightful ! (Does that ray of light mean something ?)

See you on Saturday !


nerines said...

Could that be fairy dust? :-) Lovely picture xo

bubbachenille said...

Maybe it's a fairy or an angel wanting to be in the pic as well, Or maybe just a ray of sunshine in my life !

Suzanna ~ Mon Tresor said...

beautiful products :)
Please pop over and say hi at

rubyredstudios said...

Oh my goodness there is some spooky divine intervention coming through there Mims for sure xox I think it has something to do with your fab set up and location - it's a winner everytime!

Thanks so much for turning on your special brand on handmade goodness on the weekend and look forward to seeing you and Miss L back on the 5th June.