Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Hi all,
After a massive day on Saturday at The Handmade Expo Market, I think I am now back to something resembling madly normal! Even though it was a bit on the quiet side this month, most handmadies we chatted to had a pretty good day. Bubbachenille had a pretty good day too, now it's back to the grindstone !

I am having a giveaway on my Facebook page, If you are on facebook, look me up, send me a friend requst or leave a comment below and I'll look you up. ( you have to be a friend to enter the giveaway )
I am giving away two $20 vouchers to spend on any bubba products that take your fancy.
It finishes Thursday 22nd around 3pm though, so dont dilly dally ! A short giveaway is a good giveaway !
(Tell your friends too, but they'll have to you know what to enter!)

Dont forget too, that The Handmade Expo is having an incentive promo for telling the world about the market, check out the blog to see what you can do to get some market money !

Oh P.S
Nearly forgot to tell you, The handmade Expo and bubbachenille are now on skype, you know what that means ? You might catch me in my PJ's! at ten in the morning working on the computer! And Yay, It's free to have a chat! Anyone up for it ?


Scurrette said...

so ever since all that drama, I can't seem to find you on facebook. Can you please link me???

Thank you!
Bec ♥

Julie said...

I am already a Facebook Friend-Julie A Scott Laws-I love your products :)


Beach Vintage said...

I am still not up to speed on all this twitter and skype business...anyway, I am so glad you received your mag. Happy reading.