Monday, April 5, 2010

Being productive in a non craft way

Oh how I wish it was being productive in a crafty way, it wasn't meant to be.

Having said that I managed to enlist some design advise from one of my non crafty daughters ( it skipped a generation ! ) I was having a bit of a creative block so I asked Liesa , if she could put some fabrics together for me in what she thought were good matches and I'd make some new cushions.

We ended up with nine combinations. But the best part was, Liesa wanted to make one of the cushions, telling me that if it didn't sell in her designated time, she would keep it for her little boys room !

Any way the good part is, Liesa has now made something !

YAY, Yipee ! Wahoo! Woot Woot !

It's a day that will go down in history and I must remember to write it in my journal! You can take a look HERE and it will be in Handmade Heaven this week sometime.

Tomorrow I'll show you the awesome job my son-in-law ( SIL ) did on painting the lounge, dining, kitchen and hallway, but here's a sneak peak ....

The hall was green, the lounge a bad cream and the kitchen/dining a horrible aqua, mr bubba said it matched the pool, that you can see from the kitchen/dining windows......ooooooh YUK! I dont think so !

This is the third house SIL has painted for us on the inside ( we aren't moving again, I simply wont allow it ! ) and I cannot get away from the colour I have chosen for all three ! ( although I am having plain white in the bathroom this time ! )

Anyhoo, I'll take you on a tour of the finished product tomorrow ( after I do some cleaning up and some decorating. )
I'll pop the kettle on if you would like to come over tomorrow!


Micky - Handmade Expo said...

The new paint job looks great, the creative pillow and combinations look fabulous. As long as you are productive, you can have a slump being crafty :)


Buy Design said...

Oh I suddenly feel the urge to start stripping wallpaper in our living room. Ghastly blown vinyl, heavy duty stuff that came with the house. 4 years since we moved here and it's the last room on the To Do list. The green shag-pile carpet and avocado bathroom suite was the first to go...

Lisa T said...

I can't wait to see the finished paint job. I bet it will look fantastic.