Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Babys gone a hunting !

There is a rhyme that is half in the deep recess of my scatterbrain...I'm referring to BUNTING!

Enlighten me please if you know this rhyme !

Anyway, I have been wanting to make vintage chenille bunting for yonks and the last couple of days I have found my bunting making mojo and I'm soooo pleased with the way it has all turned out.

You can find my new bunting in my madeit store and my etsy store.


Cute as Buttons said...

They are lovely, Miriam! Well done. Elusive rhyme follows:

Bye Baby Bunting,
Daddy's gone a hunting
To catch a little rabbit skin
To wrap my Baby Bunting in.

A bit macabre really!

Lisa x

Tania said...

I can tell - even though I've never heard it before - that any rhyme about bunting is one I want to know about (had the kids singing harmonies of 'Singing in the Rain' earlier today).

Buy Design said...

As I remember it, and it's a long time since my gran sang this....
Bye baby bunting
Daddy's gone a-hunting
To fetch a little rabbit skin
To wrap his baby bunting in.

Swift Jan said...

very cute!

bubbachenille said...

Well thankyou to the rhyme reminders, What a wierd little ditty! So old school! Any way thanks for the lovely comments and like with lots of things that I make, I am hoping to actually make some bunting for myself this time, I always seem to miss out!

Chasing Purple Dreams said...

What cool bunting, I bet you can't guess which one is my favourite!!
I have been contemplating making canvas bunting, out of my old reject paintings! One day……
I’m on a painting roll at the moment so no reject paintings from me in the near future!

Steph said...

What lovely bunting!! Hope you have a happy week :)