Thursday, February 25, 2010


Funny I haven't missed Twitter yet, there are no withdrawals !

You girls are awesome.
Thanks so much for your supportive and loving comments, you are a big part of what we do, especially with The Handmade Expo.

How much of a struggle would it be for all you local girls to find some where "great" to sell all your creations if we suddenly decided to pack up shop because of this bully? Dont worry ,we aren't going anywhere, except upwards, inspired by this mishap to work even harder to offer a great show place for all your beautiful handmade treasures.

When you have a passion and a fire in the belly for something, as we do, it shows when we meet on Market day or you deliver your goods to Handmade Heaven.
You can feel the love and passion for what we do and a little nobody is not going to get on top of us. We just change the way we do things to overcome an obstacle. Look at the amazing response we are getting from all of you, our friends.

We know we are doing the right thing, and we will be still doing the right thing long after the bully is put to bed!

Thanks everyone for your support and generous offers of help, and thanks for accepting my friend request on facebook to keep up with bubbachenille The Handmade Expo and Handmade Heaven.

I dont take any of you for granted and thank you for your support.

mumma bubba X


Up In Annie's Room said...

Keep strong. Some people are just consumed by negativity and their own insecurity, they are not worth your time xoxo

GemmaJoy said...

Don't let the bully win!!! I'm still shocked by what you ladies have been put through. Very childish!!

Jodie said...

Glad you guys are not going any where. Some of my friends who have not met you or your lovely daughters have expressed their sadness that this is happening you you all.

Up and on wards is the way to go!

clare's craftroom said...

Please don't forget this bully is beneath you , you have talent and dignity they have "issues" . Their problem , they lose !Keep your chin up you have our support , take care .

popple said...

Thanks so much for the email explaining your different shops/sites I love that you took the time to do that for me. Good luck with every thing.