Thursday, November 19, 2009

Brush with fame for a fleeting moment !

Yesterday Liesa and I had lunch with Ray Martin, He has had an awesome life, not that it's nearly over or anything, he still wants to interview the Queen !

His autobiography ( which I started last night ) will be a great read as he has met so many famous people and seen so many things all over the world. Such an interesting, humble man...

The day before I received these photos of some of my clothes from Anklebiters, a new stockist of my clothes. Amazing what a professional photographer can do isn't it ? I have put them into flickr as well if you want to look at some of my other creations too.

These styles and much more will be available this Saturday at The Handmade Expo, Brisbane Rd, Bundamba at the Ipswich Turf Club along with 136 stalls of Handmade Lovliness,

Our biggest market ever, just in time for some awesome Christmas shopping !

Also available all the time at Handmade Heaven in Ipswich.

P.S Miriam wearing Curly Pops gorgeous brooch and Liesa sporting delicious bag by Denim by Deborah.

P.P.S The biggest post I have ever done !


Tozz said... awesome to meet Ray...he really is a fabulous guy :) Lucky you!! hugs

Finki (jay) said...

those photo's are fabulous.
you should print some up to display on your stall for market day, so great to see your stuff on little ones.....p.s are they your grandsons hiding under that umbrella...

handmade clothing at Lillipilli Lane said...

well done and congratulations - what fun!

clare's craftroom said...

Lucky you , I've always liked him .

Beach Vintage said...

Looks like you had a great lunch with Ray, what a great experience.

Thea said...

Not a bad sort to get a cuddle from :)

m.e (Cathie) said...

what a fun day!! and a hug aswell, wow :)
love your new pics, they look fantastic.

CurlyPops said...

I can now brag that I've had a pseudo brush with fame as you were standing next to Ray wearing something I made..hee hee!
Love the photos of your gorgeous creations - if only I could wear stripy leggings with chenille pants.