Saturday, September 24, 2011

I love Spring dont you ?

My Mums next door neighbour is a fantastic gardener, Living in Toowoomba though does help things along.

They live in a complex with three units and the tiniest of garden spaces. Believe you me, she can fit more into her tiny space that I fit into my quarter acre.

When we lived in Toowoomba she would be always sharing her plants with me.

These Lemons were massive.

I love the way everything grows together and joins up to make a picture so to speak. Oh and its so much more beautiful in the flesh !


Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Um ahhh I hope you don't go around visiting peoples gardens ( as beautiful as they are) in the flesh!! I think there are laws about that sort of carry on and although spring has could be a little cool...hehehehehe...I need some sleep can you tell?
Love the garden it is beautiful and those lemons don't look real!
Kiss Noises Linda

Tiff said...

What stunning blooms! I love Spring too! X

Katherine said...

Gorgeous garden shots. Spring is such a glorious season. Love all those colours! Mmm... those lemons have my mouth watering for some lemonade.