Saturday, September 3, 2011

Creating Pretties

I hate being quiet in the shop but I love having the time to create !

Make sense?

Heres what I have been doing today...

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I have has this small wicker heart shaped wreath for years and origianally when I bought it I thought I'd tie scraps on to it ( you know that look ? ), Then Miss Rose Sister Violet came into my life and I cant resist playing with flowers, ribbons, braids, beads and ofcourse the hot glue gun, my weapon of choice LOL.

I love this so much I now stock as many of the products from this company I can in my shop, so now I have a habit on tap too!

Living the dream !


Stick 'n' Giggle said...

Just gorgeous Miriam! I love your creations! xo

Cassy said...

I love what you did, the heart shape is very nice and the color is great.

Cassy from Best Online Guitar Lessons

Tiff said...

Sooooo pretty!!! x