Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Handmade Expo

It's time again friends for the next Handmade Expo Market, boy they come around quickly dont they ? You can read all about whats on offer this month on the blog. Bubbachenille and mimmis will have some new goodies to show you on Saturday too. I have been busy working on some size one and size two sets comprised of a long sleeved T Shirt to match some pants for boys and for girls, so come and have a look at those when you are at the market. I also have lots of new purses to show you as well as my usual heatpacks, eco washcloths, cushions, vintage fabric and a special bin this month too with lots of reduced goodies ! See you on Saturday handmade lovers !

1 comment:

Tiff said...

Sounds so fantastic! I will try and make it! X