Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Marching on.....

I cant believe it's March already ! The first day of Autumn, still feels like summer to me !

The start of a new month to me means re-assessing, re- focussing.
I think recovery from the floods for me is almost over.
I have spent part of the day going through some " stuck together receipts"
I found and can you believe they were still wet ?
Now to get the smell of floods off my hands ! LOL

I have been showing off some bigger and different things that I stock in my shop, " mimmis".
Just to let you know that not only can you find the whole bubbachenille range, as well as about 25 different other " handmadies" lovely things in mimmis but also lots of vintage goodies, large and small, quirky too some of them !
Mr bubba is the vintage buyer and comes home with all sorts of things. Like one off hubcaps, and old castrol oil bottles being two of the most memorable.
I screwed up my nose at these items when he gave them to me, both sold, so now I dont say a word !

You can check out my photo albums on facebook here or look at ebay listed items here.

What does March mean to you ?


wimcee said...

March Means More Markets MMMmmm! for wimcee.
Well - getting back into it anyway, shoulder-wise fairly slowly.

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

March means nearly Easter weather, cooler mornings and evenings and bright and clear days. Perfect for inspiration and creating some lovelies.It walso means the promise of cgoing for long drives in the country out to cute little shops like MImmis...actually that is our first stop!
Kiss Noises Linda

Buy Design said...

Ah... upside down world strikes again. March is hopefully the start of some spring like weather. Have just been trying to tidy up the garden and discovered some snowdrops popping out. Still a bit frosty in the morning but hitting the dizzy heights of 7 degrees today.

green tea and red nails said...

march means the start of the downhill toward the end of term! yay!
...and gorgeous days without all the sweating :)

kel x

p.s - if you are interesred in expanding your vintage sheet FQ stash i am hosting a swap over at my blog. pop over and check it out if you are interested!!