Monday, June 7, 2010

Market wrap up

Although it was a beautiful day in Brisbane on Saturday, the cold evenings were on the minds of all my lovely customers when purchasing my heat packs.
I think they also appreciate the vintage chenille they are made from and how snuggly they are!

What beautiful winter weather we had on Saturday for the Brisstyle Market. I couldn't get around to have a good look at all the stalls as Mr bubba was the hired help for the day and he's really only good at lifting things at the beginning and the end ! ( do you get my drift ? )

I did manage to get a shot of my view though.

What a gorgeous setting and a beautiful church.

I managed to get a shot of my lovely neighbour too.

I wil be back at Hamilton on July 10th for a themed Brisstyle market, and the theme is all things " ECO", so I'll fit right in with the majority of my creations being made from recycled vintage fabrics. I will also have lots of vintage fabric for sale including chenille and vintage sheeting. I will also have some vintage buttons and some scap packs packaged up especially for applique and scrap booking.

This is the first "ECO" market for Brisstyle and will be a great destination to do some real vintage shopping.


Up In Annie's Room said...

Thanks for the mention neighbour hehe. Lovely to catch up with you on saturday :-)

Sandrine said...

I could not manage to escape my stall well! lovely shot of the beautiful Church :) x