Monday, December 14, 2009

I won this !

Last week this giveaway win arrived in the mail. Cherie from " I'm over it " was most generous in her giveaway, thanks again Cherie, and drew my name as the winner ! I also received a bag of vintage laces which I am going to put to use in the New Year in some new projects I have baking in my brain!

I certainly wont be "stuck" on any "how to's in my sewing future ! The book is massive and covers everything one would ever need to know about sewing ! Maybe I should pass this on to my daughters, who cant sew a button on ! That's what mums are for right ?

Whilst I'm here I must tell you about last Saturdays Market ( brought to you by the Handmade expo ).

I think we had our biggest crowd ever as when I opened the doors at 8am, I couldn't get across to the other side where my stall was for all the lovely customers. There were so many new faces which was lovely to see, I'm sure they will be converted now ! Everyone leaving seemed to have an arm full of purchases too, Our stallholders will be happy !

It's a while before our next Market on the 20 th February so this will give all our stallholders a chance to restock, redesign and create lots of new things over the break, ready for a bigger and better year ahead.

The Market next year will see lots of new initiatives evolve to keep it moving forward and encouraging lots of new customers along, who may not have experienced the whole Handmade world yet! ( hard to believe that there are some who haven't ) The Market will be offering something too good to pass up ! So please watch this space or start following The Markets Blog so you can be totally up to date on whats going to be happening, all the dates etc.

A huge break between markets mean you may be having withdrawal symptoms for handmade items, Pop over to Handmade Heaven on line or pop down to The Old Flour Mill, Brisbane St, Ipswich to shop in person. You will find the greatest variety of handmade goods on offer from many different people from all over Australia (moi included )


m.e (Cathie) said...

lucky girl! have fun.
sounds like a fabulous market, looking forward to some pics.

Micky - Handmade Expo said...

Great market, great year - great R & R break coming and February will be here before we know it..


Redness said...

It's a pleasure ... i'm doing a button giveaway now ... please put yourself in for this one too ... you never know ;)

jenny said...

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