Thursday, December 17, 2009

I won these !

Thanks for reminding me Kylie,( Pic off Kylies blog) I too won some of these lovely upcycled giftags, Bec was feeling soo generous. Sorry forgot to take a pic before I used them ( naughty! )

Any hoo I too won this giveaway from little brown dog. Thanks Bec.

Bec made these from upholstry fabric sample book, (wouldn't I love to get my hand on one of those babies!) I really did use them already !

If you're reading you know who you are that has received one of these!


GemmaJoy said...

When I was in Dallas I saw a BIG table of those fabric books. I'm kicking myself now that I didn't buy any. There were lots and they were cheap. If only I could zip back in time.

created by Kylie said...

Glad to be of assistance!!! We are lucky girls.

The Handmade Expo and Handmade Heaven said...

Lucky you Mumma Bubba

Redness said...

Ohhh Well done ... good on you ... I'm in giveaway mode again ... you never know it could be You ;)