Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Well hello and a happy new year! My second attempt this morning at posting on the blog..I think optus was having a hissy fit!

I have been sewing madly since we returned from Noosa as I have a big year ahead and want to get a head start. I want to do lots of markets and especially new ones I haven't done before, like the Bristyle Market at Hamilton. (I dont even know where Hamilton is!) I am also so excited about the next two weekends, this Sunday the first Queens Park market in Toowoomba and then on Australia Day with The Handmade Expo at Jondaryan Woolsheds...I'm pumped! Hope the wind dies down in the mean time as chenille blowing all over the paddock is not a good look!

I can't wait for Jondaryan to catch up with everyone from the Handmade Expo from last year, feels like they are old friends now and all the new stallholders/new friends who are coming too, Handmade Expo virgins!! Organsing The Handmade Expo is a hoot too and this year we will be going further afield, firstly to Jondaryan, then in April to Goondiwindi and a graet new one in another country town which I cant announce yet, but avid Handmade Expo goers will be thrilled and thats in july. We are also looking at new venues for the future where we can have much bigger events so as not to dissapoint the seemingly endless stallholders on the waiting list. Imagine going from 100 to 200 stalls of handmade only market...I mean am I living the dream or what?

Any way back to chenille...check out the pics and if your sewing space is messier then I'd like to see that!


Chrisy said...

Lordy you're so productive girl...well done...hope the markets go well..i've got friends in Toowoomba with children and am off to email them so that they can go and have a look at your stuff...it's just their style!

Jetta's Nest said...

Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog :)
It sounds like you're in a for a fun filled and very busy year! I hope all the markets go really well!!

Trish Goodfield said...

Don't you just love the New Year. Everyone is full of enthusiam and new ideas. Should be great to see whatnew stuff everyone has at Jondaryan

Anonymous said...

I hope the markets go well for you too - I just love your stuff - especially that pink hat. See you at the next Handmade Expo.

edward and lilly said...

That little pink hat is super cute. It's great to hear the expo is going so well!

princess pudge said...

haha my sewing room would put me to so much shame i refuse to show a soul!

ps: everytime i see chenile, i think of you :D